constantly hungry!

help i cant stop eating!!! :\(

when i am eating im busy thinking about what i can eat next :roll:

so far today i have had toast, soup, bread, toastie, choc, crisps and im thinking about having some cerial now while my sausage casserole is in the oven, and now im thinking about what i can have for my supper!!!!!!!!!!!



  • lol im exactly the same. Im suprised im not the size of a house !!

    I love my food. As long as you're not eating loads of junk then u carry on and enjoy !!xx
  • oh god i know what your going through, my husband is worried im going to put on so much weight and be the size of a house ha ha. my only prob is im eating things and they just arent hitting the spot so i need to eat something else lol but i cant find anything thats satisfying me lol

  • i was like that and now have hit 30 weeks and seem to be eating sensibly again. I think for me it has helped that i dont make cakes or have things like crisps in the house otherwise i would be eating crap! We also tend to have a plateful for tea so we cant fit in any pudding. Despite this i do have the urge to go and eat out of the sugar bowl! Really not good for my teeth i know! oops! xxx
  • ME TOO image

    I think also i am eating through boredom lots of the time. I am really uncomfortable and cant busy myself with stuff cos im too heavy and uncomfortable. The most i can do is take slow walks.

    I just graze all day to pass the time!

  • Gaah! I wish I d eat more! I totally dont have an appetite, and sometimes I think I dont eat enough!

    I could eat so much more before getting preggors .......
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