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It'll be christmas dinner round my mum and dads this year again which i love. However, we always have prawn cocktail as a starter. Obviously it's made from prawns that are bought frozen and defrosted.

I haven't a clue if i can eat them or not. Thing is, if i can't i've gotta try and think of an excuse as my parents don't know i'm pregnant yet!

Any help appreciated thanks.


  • I'm pretty sure prawns are fine as long as they're cooked Jules. Hopefully someone can back me up on this? xxxxxxx
  • yeah im sure they r fine as long as they r cooked
  • i'd advise asking ur mom if they're precooked as you've heard reports recently that some packets of prawns are giving food poisoning but you can't remember the brand name lol ask her to make sure they're definately cooked and properly defrosted just incase because you'd hate to watch the family fall ill over ill cooked prawns image sly but can make sure that they are freshly boiled for a few mins just incase image what ya think good excuse or what!
  • i must be honest i thought prawns were off the menu unless served hot?but ive no idea where ive got that from.

    ive just realised that for my work xmas meal ive ordered prawn cocktail, goats cheese tart, and brie and stilton with crackers for dessert.......ive tried to change it but its too late! im going to be very hungry....and i dont know how on earth im going to explain why im not eating anything as no-one knows im pg yet! what with that and no wine im not sure i see the point in going - lol!!
    will be popping back to see what the consensus is!
  • hmmm tough one wilko! hmmmm prawns are ok as restaurants are pretty cautious on the food poisoning thing lol goats cheese. not heard that one was off the menu unless not pasturised and as its cooked doesn't that lessen food poisoning risk? as for brie and stilton leave them and take your own cheese in like dairylee or cheddar image i was lucky as i found out JUST b4 i booked my dinner lol i'm having fan of melon followed by traditional turkey and stuff with choc gateaux with cream (without in my case lol) and just incase i can't eat it all i'm taking doggy bags in with me and a large handbag lmao! i refuse to pay for a meal have a few mouthfuls and then leave it! that'll feed me for evening meal too! lmao oh looked at me crazily when i told him my plan lol
  • Hmmm.....!!
    My interpretation of this is that prawns are fine as long as they're part of a hot meal, e.g. prawn curry. So maybe they shouldn't be eaten as part of a prawn cocktail as this isn't served hot?!?! Oh it's so confusing!!!!! xxxxx
  • I read somewhere that prawns are okay as long as they are part of a hot meal too.

    Mind you, it didnt stop my sister eating prawn mayo sarnies when she was pregnant. Think i must be more cautious though coz ive only eaten prawns in say stir fries or curries.
  • I have had prawn cocktails all through 3 pregnancies and mw never said anything was wrong with this, I actually crave it to be honest. She said seafood is usually ok you are not allowed shark and marlin and who eats that anyway i dont know? xx
  • It's only raw shellfish that you have to avoid - prawn cocktails are made using cooked prawns which are fine as long as they are defrosted properly i.e in the fridge overnight and not under the hot tap like my mother does!

    I think the only way cooked seafood can be dodgy is if it's re-heated and not cooked through adequately. But then that's the same with all foods, you need to make sure that everything is properly cooked through.

  • I had a lovely prawn roll for lunch today which i made myself and then I came on here and thought oh no!!!! I've been fine since and fingers crossed it will stay that way!!! x x
  • I was told to avoid them completely unless they are pipping hot.x
  • ive been eating prawn sandwichs and cocktails , through both my preg - even my doctor said its fine just not raw shell fish
  • Ive had prawns through all 3 pregnancies and im sure that frozen are all pre-cooked anyway.
    Just posted in another forum about foods that are "safe" and if we all followed what the government guidlines say we wouldnt eat anything whilst pregnant except green and leafy stuff! (hum! Then it needs to be washed!!!!!!)
  • Prawns are fine! You can't eat raw ones (although why you'd want to I have no idea as they are grey and veiny and look awful!). Just make sure they are defrosted properly and you'll be fine! I ate loads of them with smoked salmon as both my mw and doctor said it was fine to eat them cold or hot!
  • i say eat them and enjoy, ive had quite a few prawn cocktails during my pregnancy, no problems!! oh and im having a big fat prawn cocktail on xmas day!!!
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