hi there im not pg yet but would love some of your tips on

how to relax and let it happen and what you tired and how you succeded your bfp xxxxxxxxxxxxx:\?


  • hi there,
    i was trying for a year and it was taking over my life, then i just thought sod this i started losing weight and started going out more and having a drink which i belived relaxed me and hey presto after a year of all the nonsense of holding your legs up, different postions, changing dietry needs etc etc the list goes on! but we did it and i belive it was cos i was so relaxed and confident, im now 4 months pregnant and all is going well.

    just be patient and as annoying as it is cos people say it all the time but do relax and just start having a laugh and enjoying life, many people may disagree but you asked what my tips were.

    good luck and im sending you some baby dust
  • thanks gem pot will do starting tom im not visting this site till im pg as it does stress you out
  • Hi Mel, we were trying for 2 and a half years, we tried going to the doctors where I was diagnosed with polysistic ovaries (PCOS) so thought there was no chance of falling pregnant naturally. Was told to chill and loose some weight, so on the run up to the wedding (Back in Sept) forgot about a baby, lost weight, and then found out I was 6 weeks pg while on our honeymoon!!!
    Mother narture has a funny way of making sure it all happens at the right time!

    H x
  • I fell pregnant so easy, wasnt trying! Just had lots and lots of sex! Worked for me!! x


  • Go on holiday, drink lots, enjoy yourself and have lots of sex - worked for me and we're thinking of doing a Beckham and calling junior San Francisco! Ridiculously expensive holidays are not necessary or recommended but we kind of thought it might be our last for a while, and we were right. Good luck. x
  • hi there all thanks for all those tips and hope to back soon than i can think take a break from all this stressing about ttc and now going to relax thanks again see you all soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Basically I think the best tip for trying is....don't try! Just have lots of sex and enjoy it lol! I think stress plays a big part - think about it loads of people fall pregnant when they quit their job or go on holiday, or if they weren't planning it. I didn't want to get pregnant but hey here I am, thats probably why! Lol! :lol: Dead pleased now though.
    Philippa, 23+3 x x x
  • i was just really lucky i was on the pill for 12 years and came off wanting to get preg the doc said it cud take 6 months or more the next month i had a small period and the next i fell preg so mine was just luck.
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