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Have I had my 'show' (contains TMI Sorry!!!)

Hi All

Firstly please let me apologise as this contains TMI!!! but I'm not sure if I've had my 'show'

I'm now 39+5 and I went to the loo this afternoon and when I wiped I had a lot of creamy white discharge and some very clear jelly like stuff (sorry if this is yucky!) It was completely odourless and didn't have any blood or brown streaks. Could this be my show? The thing is me and my hubby did 'the deed' yesterday morning in an attempt to get labour started so could just be the 'product' of this coming out however it doesn't normally take this long to come out and usually has a distinct smell (sorry!!) which this ddn't have. It was also slightly my jellified. What do you think?

A very embarrassed me imageops:


  • im not sure, my show had blood in it. how much was there? my show lasted days. i thought the show normally has blood or brown in it, so it could be from your Bding?

    ashy x
  • My show also had blood in it and was continuous until ds arrived. Pains also started almost instantly too.
    Hopefully it will be the start of something for you though!!
  • Hi, it could be your show coming hun, it doesn't always have blood in it, mine didn't with my second
  • I would ring ur midwife and ask image x
  • hi there im totally gatecrashing but this does sound a bit lilke a show although this used to happen with me after me and my oh bd'd ....after about the 3rd time i realised it must be that :lol: a show is usually quite a lot (i was shocked!) i would ring your midwife if your unsure image x
  • Hi hon, I'm not as far along as you (20w tomo!), but I think this is prob a belated return of your hubby's love juice (ahem!)! I had the same thing this morning and hubs and I were also up to the bad thing yesterday, and I have heard it can come out like that if it takes a while to reappear (know what you mean about it lacking the distinct smell!). So, I'm rather hoping that at least for me it's that, as at 20 weeks I really don't want to have lost my plug! Xx
  • It could be a show with ds one I slowly lost mine and it didn't always have blood in it.

    Hope it is a sign for you, good luck.
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