Just ate Ben and Jerry's- Ooops!

Didn't realise til after it had egg yolks in it. Do you think they pasteurise the eggs or have I been naughty?


  • I think there are many of us who have all been guilty of eating tubs of ben and jerry's...I am sure they are pasturised...so I dont think you have been naughty re the eggs...calories maybe lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tehe! The guilt of calories I can live with!
  • I reckon even if its not, which it probably is, freezing acts pretty much the same as cooking when it comes to killing any potentially dangerous bacteria so i'm sure its absolutely fine. I doubt very much that there are many pregnant women that haven't eaten more than their fair share of ice cream. I really wouldn't worry, i'm certainly not going to stop eating it!!! x
  • My MW said it was fine - really hope she is right!
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