I know its rude to ask but..... whats ur weight gain?

HI Ive put on 1.5stone, im 29+3. I feel huge now! ha ha! xx


  • I have put on a whopping 2 stone and am 30weeks 6days.
  • Im 26 weeks today and have went from 8stone 5 to 9 tone 12 already.

    21lbs!!!! Eeek!
  • I was quite average to begin with but have now out on 2 stone. eek. all bump though. HUGE!!!

    31+5. xx
  • i haven't bothered to check! still wearing (maternity) size 10 so think mostly weight is on bump...not sure i know what i weighed before tbh!
  • Hey Ive put on 2.5 stone but its all bump right out at the front. im 38+5 weeks x
  • Hi, before i found out i was pregnant i weighed 9st 11lb, went to have a scan at 10wks and was 10 1/2st!!! God helps me if this carries on as i've got ages left!!!


  • am 28 +5 and have put on just over 1.5 stones - am quite short and look like a cross between a wheeble an a little budha!!

  • i am 25+3 and have put on 1stone 2lb x
  • I found a calculation chart on internet the other day, I can't find the oner I used but this is similar

  • hi ive put on 1 and half stone, im now 29+4wks preg. seem to have put more on last 4wks than before. hopefully wont put on much more.

  • hi..theres a chart on pregnancy weekly which is really helpful as has a range rather than just saying you should put on x amount! Heres the link (and if you click on the tiny chart on the right hand side it will pop uo bigger so you can print it out if you want) I have and its made me feel alot better about putting on weight!!x

  • zoey why do you think your midwife is unhappy with you loosing weight from everywhere else,if you still got good size bump?
  • ermm okay I'm the freek of the bunch, I've LOST nearly 2 stone (1 stone 10pound) i'm 23weeks today too. Baby is doing okay though as he/she weighs 1pound excatly

  • I'm 13 + 2 and have put on 7lb. With each of mine I have averaged a total of 2 - 2 1/2 stone weight gain, so expect this will be about the same.
  • I am 18 weeks and i am 1lb more than my pre pregnancy weight although i did lose at least half a stone during first 12 weeks when i was so ill.
  • oh my God i have put on nearly 3 and half stone!!!!!!!

    started at about 11 st now almost 14 and half! although i am still in size 12 maternity trousers and arms and calves are the same size (measured them) its all bump - i hope!!

    oh and eating everything may have something to do with it! lol!


  • Hi I went from 15 weeks to 28 weeks with no midwife appts and this is my first. So I think your doing well as its your second image. So far I have put on approx 1 stone 3lbs and I'm 29 weeks. I think thats ok I know some girls have harldy put anything on cos they got sick early on. I think one girl in my due in forum hasn't put any on yet cos she lost so much!!! Also if you go on gurgle type weight gain in the search. They have this calulator that gives you an idea how much you should gain its based on every 2 weeks though. xxx
  • Hi, i found a good guide on www.fortunebaby.com .

    It uses your pre-preg weight to calculate how much you should be at each stage, because everyone is different.

    Hope this helps, Shell.
  • ohhhhhh I win I win I have put on just over 4 stone!!!! I have not been eating naughty stuff as I have a glucose deficiency so banned from chocolate etc and I'm not eating much at all as there is no space.

    I am still a size 14 and can still wear my low slung pre preggo jeans so I know it is all bump. I am however measuring at 43cms but I'm only 35 weeks lol and lo weighs 6lbs so not overly heavy and I don't have exess fluid so lord only knows where all the weight has come from.

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