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Hi All

Hope you and bumps are all well.

May be tmi but when i went to the toilet this morning and wiped there was a lump of jelly like stuff on the tissue, it was about the size of a penny. Could this be part of my mucus plug coming away?

I have been getting quite strong but infrequent contractions for a few days now.

I know this is my third baby but my plug never came away untill I was in labour the last 2 times so donts reall know what its supposed to lokk like.

Kerry xxx

Just spoken to mw, she thinks it could be the plug coming away slowly. Been adviced to keep an eye on it and the contractions i have been getting. If they get worse or there is any bleeding to go straight to labour ward. She didnt want to send me to hospital today cos if they gave me an nternal it could make it worse.

Hope madam stays in there for a few more weeks. Although I do have a feeling she will be here by mid june.

Kerry xxx

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  • Could be - they don't always have blood with the plug but def sounds like it could be............I only had a 'plug' loss with my 4th so wasn't sure either at the time lol
  • thanks. i feel silly not knowing. i have had a feeling for weeks now that she is gonna come early. gonna call mw in a bit and see what she thinks.

    Kerry 31+6 xxx
  • Hi Kerry I have been getting this for the past couple of weeks now and have been told its my plug only on 2 occasions has there been little specks of blood. This is my third too and never had it with my other 2 so is all new to me too. Like you I have been having a lot of infrequent contractions over these past couple of weeks. I keep getting to the point I am worried that something is doing to develop into something more and will need to sort my other two out for thankfully nothing has as its still too early.

    Lets just hope these babies cook a little longer, I went into labour at 33 weeks with my second and I will be 33 weeks friday so a little nervous round this time anyway.


  • Could be the start of things happening but then again, my mum lost her plug completely at 16 wks with me but carried me to term so who knows. As you say, let your midwife know and go from there!

  • thanks madnbella.I went into labour with my second at 34 weeks so like you am a little nervouse, 32 weeks tomorrow.

    kerry xxx
  • thanks zoey, its seems to me these july babies are a little impatiant.

    How are you today?

    kerry xxx
  • thats just typical, just started wanting sex again! hubby will be pleased lol.

    sods law you get an infection when your feeling ok.
  • Thats good news hun, I am keeping an eye on it too, I just got home from shops and had another big bit and had to come home early as pains were so intense, they calmed down a little now.

    These July definately want to come in june! xx

  • I wouldnt be surprised that they both decide to stay put untill after their due dates just to annoy us.

    kerry xxx
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