Tubular cervix?

Hi does anyone know what a tubular cervix is? i went for another sweep today and the midwife said that my cervix are very thin and tubular?

Any ideas?

Anna 40wks 6


  • Hiya!

    I dont know what that means so sorry i cant help! But i hope your sweep works for you, i had one yesterday and giving up hope of it doing anything :cry:

    Have you tried to google tubular cervix? Im sure if it was anything to worry about she would have said so hun!

    Good luck, hope your baby comes real soon image

    Sharon xx


  • Hi, yeh i've googled it but its not very helpful, this is my 2nd sweep and they def do something, the midwife reckons il have the little man by the weekend, so fingers crossed! if not im being induced on Friday xx
  • Aww i hope it works for u and ull get to meet ur wee man soon image

    That was my 2nd sweep yday, so praying its gona do something, been having the odd wee pain etc so we shall see!

    U feel anything after yours?

  • yeh i had really bad cramp and pain, but typically it has now stopped! i actually thought something was going to happen, but ohh nooo!!! xx
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