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Big baby stuff shops near Windsor/West London/Reading?

Now I've had my 20 week scan I've decided to relax and start enjoying this pregnancy - ie start shopping!

Want to go this weekend and have a massive splurge but don't know where is the best place to go. Are there any massive mothercares/babies r us type stores around Berkshire/West London which stock prams, car seats, breast pumps etc?!

Help - I need to do some damage to my credit card but don't know where to start!! ;\)


  • I'm in Reading and there is quite a big out of town Mothercare on a retail park here... deoends on where you are based though as to if it is worth travelling too?
  • There is also a big mothercare in Slough along the Bath Road. have you tried going on their websites?

  • I think there's a Mamas and Papas in Reading?
  • Yes, been on the websites but hard to tell if they're the really big stores or just regular ones! I have normal Mamas and Papas and Mothercare in small towns near me, but I fancy a baby superstore!!

    I'll investigate the ones in Reading - only 30 minute drive and much easier than London.

    Thanks xx
  • Try googling Mother Care World maybe that will help?

  • Oh thanks Curlygal, didn't realise there was such a thing as Mothercare World - that's exactly what I'm after - so will go to the Reading one on Saturday - yay!!!!
    I can't wait to buy stuff, I've been too scared to so far! xx
  • Hi Coco

    The Mamas and Papas in Reaing is in the Oracle, nice store but not huge. The out of town Mothercare is big though so worth a try..... its on a retail park near the station
  • Thanks Mel x
  • hiya coco how did your scan go? xx
  • Oh hi Nikki, thanks for asking. My scan was great, everything was fine and it's definitely a little boy! Was so pleased to read that yours went well too - wonderful news :\)
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