Cant ditch the fags!

Hiya girls, something else im getting stressed about! Try as i might i really cant stop smoking. Im even struggling just cutting down and its really getting to me, i know i shouldnt be doing it but i really cant help it. I feel so guilty and shit about it and you might say if i feel that bad then stop! But i cant image


  • its not as easy as it is for some. Talk to the docs. Or someone. I actually felt physically ill smoking so that helped me. And i havent smoked for 4 months now
  • hi i dont smoke so i dont really know what you are going thru, but just wanted to show support and say i have known some people trying to give up and i know it can be very stressful which also cannot be good for baby. have you tried researching into the harm it can do to baby, maybe you will kind of scare yourself into stopping, and if you feel like having one just look at the same info you found..? sorry if that sounds a bit harsh..i have absoutely no idea what it feels like to be addicted to fags, but i did drink quite often pre pregnancy and would never touch a drop during pregnancy as i am so scared of the dangers, so i know it is possible for you.

    perhaps surely even cutting down would help? im not sure , but i think this would be the perfect time to stop if you were considering stopping anywy, good luck and hope i didnt offend you x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • my friend was a 20 a day but then read this book...cant remember the nameof the author but Its called the easy way to stop smoking or something like that???!! Anyway, you cant give up till the very last page and she did at 8 weeks and though tempted she is now 16 weeks and has not had a single one.....worth a try???
    You dont need to be told its bad for the baby so thats not going to help. You need to talk to your mw like mumtoanother1 said and get a good support team behind you. Another friend held her scan picture and every time she took a drag she imagined the baby inhaling it.....she said it was upsetting but really shocked her!
    Just find your own way of getting through this and dont be too hard on yourself. Plenty of babies are born to mums with worse addictions and are fine!
    Good Luck and I think your dead brave to talk about it...its the first step to giving up!
    d x
  • Hi Mikayla,

    Sorry you're finding it so hard. I gave up smoking when I got pregnant; its not easy but I just tell myself I'm not allowed to full stop. Whenever I really want to have a cigarette I try and do something to distract me (like window shopping for baby things) or imagine what it would do to the baby. I know you say that you cant stop - but you can, you're just finding it hard! Speak to your gp, I know that nicotine replacement stuff isn't recommended for pregnancy but what is worse - the nicotine in a patch or the combination of nicotine, smoke, tar and poisonous chemicals passing through your blood stream to baby.

    (Sorry I'm not a preachy ex-smoker just trying to encourage you to stop image ).
  • Hi Mikayla,

    I know you're having a hell of a time at the minute. Quitting cigs is something most people have to commit to fully, or not at all. Cutting down slowly to nothing works doesn't work for many people - certainly didn't for me. I reckon you can either say, "sod it, I've got enough on my plate right now - I'm not going to beat myself up for smoking", or get over to the midwife/gp and use lots of NRT (much less harmful to baby than smoking) and use your willpower to make yourself quit.

    I know how hard it is - I had a cancer scare before I quit, and even then I couldn't quit while my OH was smoking. And it is just one day at a time. Tell you what though - you'll feel brilliant when you do quit, as I'm sure you will one day.

    Good luck chick, please don't beat yourself up any more! Let us know what you decide to do. xx
  • I gave up with that book dee dee - It's Allen Carr's Easy way to gove up smoking. Totally fantastic - I'd tried loads of times before and failed and I stopped easily last april ish - not bothered me since and my oh has followed suit along with a few friends, good luck, xxx
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