A fun present for partner ....

I bought this book 'The baby owner's manual' off amazon


for my hubbie as a little fun Christmas present it came toady and is BRILLIANT - I have been reading it since it arrived but trying to do it carefully so it doesn't look like it has been opened :lol: it is written in the style of a car manual/gadget instruction so is quite amusing but is actually really practical too.

I am sure he will really like it ( well I hope so image ) and I thought i'd let you's lot know about it so if anyone else wanted to get something they could.


  • lol love it my oh loves haynes manuals as loves working on cars hehehe might look into buying it for him hahaha lol i found a haynes manual for babies lol LOVE IT hahaha
  • Hey sounds a good idea...just taking a peek! Thanks crafty xxx
  • I bought that for my oh when I found out I was pregnant, its great lol Sits with all the other haynes manuals lol
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