Back from my 4D scan!

It was absolutely amazing!!!! Sooo clear, baby was yawning and smiling, and then snuggled up to sleep against the side of my womb! Was just brill, and also had it confirmed the she is indeed a she!! So wont have to take any pink things back lol. I'm sooo glad we had it, was just such a wonderful experience, and she really is beautiful (i may be biased!)
I've added the link to my facebook album so you can have a look, so say hello to Lyra Francesca May!! xxxx


  • Wow they are awesome, you got some really amazing ones!!! and she is beautiful!!!
  • Thank you! I agree, she is of course the most beautiful little girl ever, although i think i'm a touch biased lol xxxx
  • aww those pics are so good, we are having our 4d scan on the 11th of march. i can not wait, i am so excited! xxx
  • Aww hun thats great. The pics are fab and she's adorable!!!! image

    Suzi 38+5xxxx
  • That is so adorable..especially the one of her snuggling into you! bless!

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  • Thanks guys, i'm sooo pleased with the pics, i cant stop looking at them! I'd recommend it to everyone, it was just so lovely to see her face, and they took all her measurements etc and reassured me that everything is absolutely fine. She weighs 2lb 2oz, bless! I know you obviously get what you pay for, but it was so much nicer than the NHS scans where the sonographer barely has time to look at you or say hello, let alone take the time to point everything out and answer all your questions! I have now washed all her clothes lol, i have so much, she's pretty much all set til she's 2!! xxxx
  • Oh wow that is so cute, how far gone are you?
  • I'm 27 weeks, i was 26 + 6 on the day! Apparently the best time to have it is between 25 and 28 weeks as baby is big enough to see all the features but not so big they look squashed xx
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