Horrible Taste

Hi Mummies,
Over the past few days iv had this disgusting taste in my mouth its a mixture between dandilions and metal (not that i regularly eat either of these things, lol). Iv tried everything from brushing my teeth on numerous occassions to eating foods that leave strong tastes in ur mouth, but nothing is working. I no its normal to get a metalic taste in early pregnancy but im nearly 31wks so surely im past this stage now. Is anyone else experiencing this, and has anyone got any tips on how to get rid of it? The foxes glacier mints are coming out again in a minute, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx


  • I haven't had this, but I sympathise as it sounds horrible. Maybe you have some kind of infection....? Just a thought. Keep eating the mints though! I can't imagine having this as I'm so anal about brushing my teeth after almost everything I eat and I even though I like fizzy pop and sweets I never have them cos I despise the 'furry feeling' so much! xxx


  • hi. does the taste seem to be in the backof your throat where your nose joins it???
  • No its not really in my throat more on my tongue, but my tongue is so clean and "sparkling" i cnt understand. I have my tongue pierced but i had it dun for well over a year now and its never giv me any jip and its not sore or infected or anything so it cnt be that, its just really wierd. Anyway off to brush my teeth agen coz iv eaten loads of glacier mints and like tigerlily says they left me with "furry teeth" ha ha ha. Kerry xxx
  • I had that horrible taste but it was very early pregnancy, started when I didnt even know I was pregnant. I was chewing gum and eating mints to cover the taste up but thankfully it only lasted about a week. If it doesnt go away soon make an appointment to see a dentist to rule out dental reasons for it.
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