30 weeks - can morning sickness return???


I am 30 weeks today but have had a horrendous weekend - on saturday I was really ill - sickness, diaorrhea (sp??) really bad stomachcramps and bad back pains - my hubbie and I both worried that I was in early labour and I spent most of the day in bed. However yesterday (sunday) I seemed much much better but still very tired, so I thought it must be just a stomach bug (there has been one going round at work). Then this morning I was off work to go to an antenatal class so I didn't have to get up and at it as quick as usual which was a good thing because as soon as I did too much or had a drink I felt totally queasy - I was sick once after my breakfast but otherwise just felt bad and queasy, EXACTLY how I had felt when I morning sickness from weeks 10-14ish.

So any advice - is it possible that morning sickness has returned at this late stage??????? Or any other ideas?????


  • Your not alone!!!! I'm 31 wks today and feel sick constantly (not actually being sick), i'm not as bad as you but do feel queesy all the time, i've tried eating plain things and stretching but still the same - i have looked it up and you can get a second dose of morning sickness at around the end of your second trimester/start of the third. Take care and hope you feel better soon x
  • Although my morning sickness never really went away it eased off in the middle of the pregnancy but unfortunately it came back with avengence around 30 weeks & has been here ever since.

    If theres a bug going round at work though it could be that.

    Take care
    Hilary x
  • thanks ladies - I hope it isn't morning sickness returning although I didn't have it bad at the beginning so can't complain really! I just don't feel right but can't put my finger on it and it is so easy to assume it is pregnancy related when in reality it may not be!

    Just found out the my blood sugars were high last week in my blood test so have to go for a glucose tolerancy test tomorrow so maybe it could be to do with that??? I have no idea but I might ask them when I am at the hospital!
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