Hey everyone. I have been having really bad Diarrhea the last week. The MW said yesterday that I should just let it flow out my body cause if it was somethig I ate something it's best that the body gets rid of it on its own.

But now I'm getting really bad pains in my tummy. Feels like everything is being squeezed. It hurts so much it leaves my hair on my arms standing on ends. I nearly screamed a minute ago.after a few breaths all is ok. But now I have a constant pain dull pain. where I felt it before. And Bump has been moving around so violently. It's like she's almost fighting me from the inside.

What do you reckon it could be?



  • Have no idea I'm afraid but didn't want to read n run! Hope it's just a bug and clears up soon hun.
  • If ur still worried and u feel that something is wrong i wud go back to ur GP or MW, it sounds awful and i hope u get better soon, sorry not much help. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Tash, my dh and ds have both had this nasty virus. They actually vomited a few times first, but then both had chronic diarrhoea with really bad stomach cramping.

    Think we feel it worse when pregnant because everything is so much tighter as well. Keep drinking plenty of water as it'll keep you and lo hydrated.

    Not wanting to depress you anymore, but just to warn you, it lasted around 2 weeks in total with my dh and my ds is still suffering with it now (not so much the pains though, just the diarrhoea itself).

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • i had this to at about the same stage of preg as u unfortunately there is a nasty bug going about i was actually sat on the loo with head over the bath TMI it did las t almost 2weeks and i was just told to have water best to just have sips tho as u can overload ur stomach and make things worse i really feel for u it was awful good luck hope u feel better soon Sophie 34+2 xx

  • I have had that for 3 weeks now. It's got to do with where baby is lying and baby is squashing your bowels. Baby will be hearing all the sounds in your bowel and moving around in response. I'm 41 weeks now so baby is taking up an awful lot of room!!! Your baby will be getting big now too.
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