Plump already?

Hi just wondering if anyone else has become really plump immediatley. I tested last Saturday because I was a little off, sickness, sleepy etc and it was positive, now I am a fairly fit person and do a excersise a couple of times a week but in the last 2 weeks i have gone really bloted around the middle, I dont feel uncomfortably bloated just look it.

Since I can only be 4 weeks pregnant I am wondering why this is happening, is it normal? Has it happened to anyone else.

Worst thing is I have been quite sick last couple of weeks and so not over eating at all!


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    That is what happened to me and now i'm almost the size of a baby whale and only 14 weeks. I think it has alot to do with being bloated. i was very sick for a month and a half.and lost weight in my arms and legs. and now having to wear smaller clothes but in maternity wear. cause i'm only big in the front.

    I know it might not help. but i guess some ladies show more than others.and maybe it is just plain and simple bloated!!!
  • With my first I was really quick to sprout a bump so maybe your just going to show early. I ended up enormous with that pregnancy lol
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