FAO- All you girls who believe....

in Psychics/Mediums.....

I know not everyone believes in them, but i am not asking for non believers opinions lol

A few years ago i went to see a medium in a local hotel and he was FAB! He really told me stuff that no1 else would know and alot of what he told me about the future has come true, including the fact he told me that in a few years time i would have a baby girl and would give birth by c-section as i'd have probs with my pelvis, well....
I am pregnant with a litte girl and i have SPD image So im thinking if he has he other 2 things right along with loads of other stuff thats happened, what if hes right about the c-section!!! image

Anyway, point of this story is.. the same team of mediums are coming back to the same hotel tomorrow night and i really wanna go for a reading, but can we have readings when pregnant?
I have heard before that they dont like doing readings when your pregnant as the baby' spirit comes through too and it can get a bit mixed up, so im not sure what to do :\?
I dont wana go then get turned away. I could hide bump under hubby's big hoodie?? lol

Any thoughts?....

Sharon x


  • I'd go!!! Although they may say no I'd guess they would do their best to tell you something even if it is a bit confused by the preg. Good Luck x
  • I had a reading done when I was 3months preg, I didn't tell her - I wanted to see if she knew. She did (and before the non believers start lol, my friends at work who see me 5 times a week didn't know untill I told them after my 20 week scan - as I wasn't showing at all). So the was no bump to give it away. She also knew when due, and would arrive before my daughter is 18months - didn't tell her about my daughter, let alone how old.

    Being preg made no difference to the reading - only something for her to know. x
  • Hi I love it all!! and am a very big believer after having a few experiences myself. There is no problem what so ever going during pregnancy. They can't pick up on the baby's spirit as it is a living being (earth bound). So go for it hun!

    Have a great time!!
  • ive never been to one, but would love to if i ever got the chance. xx
  • Go! Get a reading done!
    I'm having to stick to tarot at the moment, but three years ago i saw a medium, and he said lots of things which i poo poohed at the time, and all bar two have come true....
    on of the last two is that i will have 3 kids -only got 1 so far, preg with 2nd and we dont think its twins.... but have been booked for section and sterilisation so no more after this one..
    no sure if the last two will happen or not...

    and before people say they only came true because i was told about them, he knew things about my past that noone else ever knew! (or ever will!)
    And I didnt believe him in the first place when he told me these things. :lol:

  • I think i will go then! I love stuff like this!

  • hi i am going to see a medium tonight (although im not pregnant) xx
  • yea you go many years ago now lol.. just after giving birth to my now 15yr old daughter (was a very traumatic birth) i went to one and was told that by march of the following year (It was dec btw) iwould find out i was expecting again and i would be having a boy he would be born on halloween.... and well after what i had just been through i really didnt want no more babies so i shrugged it off but low and behold after not thinking no more about it march arrived as did my bfp and he was born on halloween how wierd is that!!!!!!!! i got caught on the pill too!
  • hi

    i really want to have a reading done, there was a bloke that did them and was realy rated by alot of people i had spoke to but he moved and i dont know where too! Does anyone have the name of a good onethat maybe travels the country? I dont just want to go see any old psychic because it might be aload of rubbish!

    thanx girls
    charlie x
  • Hi sharon i do tarot readings and my auntie is a medium and it is absoloutely fine to go when pregnant love the only time you should not go is when someone has passed away and im talking within hours or days actually before the funeral in my opinion is totally unacceptable but then each to their own hope you get a good reading if you do decide to go along.xx.
  • Hi Sharon

    Defo go1!! I love going to them, me and my little sis are actually going to see Tony Stockwell on the 22/11, a week on Sat and im due the week after lol even though my little sis keeps having dreams im gonna go early on the 23rd!! Ach well heres hoping he knows how to deliver a baby because I am not missing it for the world image keep us posted on how it goes!

    Lynsey xx

  • oh love go go go !!!
    lol im a big beliver,i even go to the spiritulist church quite regularly.
    I went to c a medium mid october and when i went in she said oh theres the spirit of a small boy with u, it is your son, i said nope, got no kids and thought here we go, a fake!!
    she asked me was i sure i had no kids as he is the spitting image of me, i sed very sure yes lol.
    2 weeks later i found out we r expecting, could this be the liitle boy?? we will have to wait till june 2 find out !!!
  • I love Stephen Holbrook he is brill. On again soon at Cedar Court Hotel -Bradford
  • Yeah i am gona go, its 2nite! woohoo

    Will let uz know how i get on!

    Sharon x

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