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me and my partner have now split up we splitup over newyr hes the father of my 1st child hope.Shes now 17months nearly and the father of my 2nd child tobe im currently 28weeks pregnant.I was wondering wen the baby is born do i have to have him on the birth certificate?hes on my 1st childs birth certificicate.
thanx abbie,hope+blue bump 28weeks


  • Legally it's probably easier in the long run to have him on the certificate with Maintinace n the like, as if he's not on there its alot harder to get any form of court order if things go pear shaped in that sense!

    Also, would there be a reason why you wouldn't want him on there? Besides you not being together?

  • Also, if you are not married he has to be there with you to register the birth and cannot do it on his own!

    If you are married then you can put his name down without him with you.

    Hope it helps!
  • Hi,

    Its totally up to you if you want his name on the birth certificate. They can just leave the fathers name blank. He will have to have your surname though.

    Emma x
  • If he is named on the birth certificate then he has an automatic right to apply for certain types of court orders whereas without it he may need the courts permission (this will usually be granted unless there is a very good reason why not).

    Personally I have a strong belief that father's should not be excluded from their child's upbringing unless there is a very good reason (e.g. risk of harm to the child or physical or serious emotional abuse of the mother). So unless there is something bad happening what reason is there to leave him off? Do you know what he would like to do? I think you also need to think about how it will seem for you next baby knowing that his sister has her father named whereas new baby doesn't - when they get older they mat feel hurt by this distinction. Similarly with names. How would they feel with different names?
  • Hi,
    If you could have his name on it that would be better for your child, however if as like in my case you never want to set eyes on him again, then dont do it. but as the others say it will make somethings simplier in the long run
    good luck
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