GRRR!! Well I hardly got any sleep last night due to not being able to get comfortable and waking up every hour and a half (aprox) to go to the toilet - probably all told I had about 3-4 hours max. Then at 6.30 this morning the alarm went off as usual to wake hubby up for work and as usual he kept hitting snooze til about 7.30ish, sometimes letting the alarm go on for about 5 mins before doing so. (I can't reach the alarm atm as have to lean right over him and it hurts my bump!)

Anyway when hubby finally left me in peace at about 8.00 this morning and I settled down to get some well needed rest - I heard some ruddy drilling and hammering! Turns out that nextdoor have got the double glazing people or whatever in! So now I can't get back to sleep because of all the noise they are making and can't concentrate on anything as it disturbs my reading and it's so loud it drowns out the tv unless I have it on max which gives me a headache! I can't even go out anywhere as I'm too tired and can't go far or do much anyway due to my bump!


The worst part of it is that they keep stopping every now and then and I keep thinking I can go back to bed, but as soon as I have dragged myself up the stairs and got settled it all starts up again.

Sorry for the moan I'm just so ruddy tired. :cry:


  • My sympathies regarding the alarm bit!! My Hubby does this too.... I very often have to elbow him in the back to wake him up everytime he hits the snooze button. Even the dogs start howling and he is still asleep. Not funny when you spend more time awake than you do asleep and just drop offf when it's time for him to get up
  • Thanks girls - glad I'm not the only one with the 'alarm prob' though sorry you have to suffer it too!

    I had a quiet time after I finished the post, but nope - they've just started up again!

    I suppose, in a way, I should be greatful that babba hasn't arrived yet as that may be even worse as t'would disturb him too and make him cranky!
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