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How far away is your hospital that you plan to deliver at?

Mine is 45 minutes drive and I keep having nightmares of giving birth in the car or being stuck in rush hour traffic and people seeing me in labour lol. Also I have to walk up stairs in order to get to my labour ward which sounds pretty horrific.



  • my hospital is 10 minute drive from my house but the labour ward is on the top (4th) floor xx
  • I'm quite lucky as mine is just down the road but traffic is mahem at rush hour so hoping this baby comes out of hours !
  • My local maternity unit where I hope to give birth is only a 2-minute drive. But the main hospital where I'll have to go if there are any complications is a 30-minute drive away. Obviously hoping there are no complications!! xxxx

  • I'm in London and I am moving further away from my hospital. At the moment in the taxi it takes me 10-15 min to get there. And I have not tried from the new place yet. I think it will take about 35 minutes. And if anyone knows anything about london then you will know the traffic. So I have nightmares of not getting there in time. Though as soon as my water breaks or labour starts I can go in cause I have GBS and need to be there in time anyway.

    But it is rather worrying. I havent told the hospital I was moving further away cause I was afraid they would tell me to bugger off to another hospital.

  • Just realised how lucky i am, my hospital is (and im not exagerating) 1 min drive away. In fact i mite even walk, wen i go into labour. (Or maybe not, ha ha ha). But i do walk to most of my appts at the ante-natal, to save me getting stressed coz i cnt find a parking space and also the car parking prices are ridiculous. Kerry xxx
  • I'm movin so the hospital i wil hopefully giv birthin is bout 15 mins drive away, prob quicker if no traffic, i think the maternity ward is upstairs, haven't been there 4 bout 9 years since my sis had her baby there, but i'm hopin there are lifts!the one near me at the mo is also bout 15 mins drive, tho bout 25 if traffic is bad which it usually is.
  • lol mine is about 20 min drive if there is no traffic... however i live in london! & knowing me it will be most likely to happen at rush hour lol... So make that 40 mins.

    I told my fella If i got into labour he wont be able to drive me there because he wont be able to park and he'll get a parking ticket!

    When he finished laughing at me... he told me if i go in to labour a ??50 ticket will be the last thing he is worried about and he is far more preoccuipied with getting me to hospital! haha... I'm sure at that point i wont be caring about a parking ticket either!!

    was with my friend who was in labour a week before i got pregnant... and she lives much closer to the same hospital and I was with her untill she was having 2 min contractions before the ablance made an apearance and we had just started to get her down the stairs towards my car as she begged me to take her... lol visions of me hanging out the window while driving screaming NEEEEeeeeeeee NOOORRRRRRRRRRR trying to get draffic to move! haha...

    although seeing her in labour so close to the birth has put my mind at rest a little cause all though she was in pain and there was a few tears she was very quite and calm!! xxx
  • hiya at the moment my hospital is about fifteen mims away from me but like you i gotta walk up 4 flights of stairs to get to the labour ward. i had a nightmare before about it that i went into push mood on their stairs, and woke up screaming with worry even though im only 22weeks now. il be movng soon so its going to be further away but still the closest to me. it is a bit daunting to think of it isnt it?
  • oh i forgot the add the labour ward is on the top floor at the complete other side of the hospital from the entrance and currently the lifts arent working! Augh! lol x
  • ok cool so I'm not the only one worried about giving birth half way to hospital lol.

    There is one slightly closer to me but it is a dump and wouldn't even take an animal there. My husband thinks he is a rally driver anyway so hopefully he will be on top form when I go into labour and get there in 30 mins

  • lol lol he will drive carefully image I know it can take a while for baby to come but you just gets these visions in your head of squeezing the baby out in a traffic jam on the A24 lol.

    Hubby seems a lot less concerned than me as he seems to think baby will def come at the weekend and if not he will def come inbetween rush hours, which although sounds lovely I'm not sure bubby will be that cooperative.

  • I dont know just how much we are allowed to call the ambulance for. If I'm (which I will be) alone at home. and my bf needs to rush home from work and then we can go to hospital. Then there might be a slight problem.

    I wont be able to handle things on my own. What is the likely hood of them saying I can have an amulance come get me? I know it's not recommended, but I will feel so much better knowing that I will be cared for straight away.

    What to do... And we don't have a car. I will have to ring a taxi anyway. OMG I am finding myself stressing again

  • Tashy - have you got a friend or your mum who can be with you untill your fella is able to get there? where in london are you? I stayed with my friend untill her other half could get there and the abulence which both arrived at the same time...
    My fella will most prob be at work but lives 5 mins drive from where we are now - he comes home for his lunches - but thinking were moving shorty so wondering how easy it will be then? augh!
  • Hi everyone,

    Luckily for me my hospital is only 10 mins away but the maternity ward is on the 5th floor and i wont go in lifts lol

    I really wouldnt worry about getting there or anything if it is your first child, becuase it usually takes around 12 hours to go through the motions and your contractions increase with time so its not too bad at the beginning.

    My contractions started at 2am on the 29th and i didnt go into hospital until 8am on the 31st with my son, so i really wouldn't worry.

    Hope this puts your minds at reat
  • tashy1, you will know when you are in labour and will have plenty of time to ring your bf to get home and make it to the hospital on time, i promise! my labour was quick and my mum had time to drive two hours to get to me, she would have made the birth but got in a panic and got lost, and turned up just in time to hear his first cry (i had homebirth)! do you have a friend who can be with you when you are in labour until your bf gets home? you might need the support!
  • Hey curlyclaire and it_must_be_love:

    I am foreign. So i have no family here. Onle know one friend that lives in southfields (sw). And of course my bf. Not even his mum is around. We are moving from west kensington to Finchley. I'm giving birth at queen charlotte at hammersmith hospital. (In Acton). My mum (In south africa) said to call her when I think I'm going into labour and said she will keep talking to me until my bf gets home!!!
  • I heard of a buddy system thing where you can get a woman who has been through it to come to appointments and can be with you through the labour i dont know how you get refered but might put your mind at rest to have someone there with you? maybe you could as your doctor or mw cause your fears are real for you! xx
  • Thanky ou very much for that. will speak with them soon again. *sigh*

    never easy is it?
  • My hospital is about 30mins drive, but the route there is notorious for accidents & traffic! I also have visions of being stuck in traffic, dh not getting back from work or ending up delivering lo at home alone!!
    How can these hospitals not have lifts...crazy!!
    Am going to do a tour of the ward soon, so we know where we're going - we got a bit lost on the 12wk scan coz the signs were so pants!!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi there!
    The hospital where i will b going is bout 5-10 mins drive away, the only thing is my oh works nights and my last 2 labours started through night only my 1st labour only lasted 5 hrs 45mins from start to finish and 2nd one was even shorter even tho i did end up needing a emergency c-section, so i am pretty worried bout this labour!! lol
    Hope every one is well.
    Adele xxx

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