worried-growh scan!

Hey all,
Im really concerned about my baby, the midwife visited today, checked my measurments and im measuring alot smaller that last time so she has booked me for a growth scan 2morro. I have been measuring bang on from the begging and last month or so i have been measuring a week bigger each time, now im 35+2 weeks and am measuring 33cm. I have been asked to keep an eye on his movements n if there not normal i have to ring this number. Im so worried, willing him to move all the time it sounds stupid but i dont feel pregnant nemore. ne1 else had an experiance like this?sorry its so long please write xxx


  • Hi Becci,
    Just wanted to say that wen they measure ur bump it can often be really unreliable and measurements depend on how the baby is lying and whether u have the same mw doing it each time. In my first pregnancy they didnt measure me once coz they said it wasnt a reliable way of judging babies size. At least u have ur growth scan tomorrow which will be so much more accurate, so although its hard try not to worry about it until uve had ur scan. Sure everything will be fine, sorry im if not much help but there isnt anything u can do so try not to stress about it. Gud Luck. Kerry xxx

  • Thankyou, it has been same midwife each time but like u said baby could be lying differntly. I think i have just replied to ur topic actually about wet pants- maybe this has something to do with it?sorry just trying to find an answet. thanku for ur help xx
  • I really wouldn't worry last time I saw my midwife I was measuring nearly 4 cm's small so she packed me off to the hospital to be checked out. I had to go and be monitored for half an hour or so and then had a growth scan and baby was absolutely normal sized. I was measuring small because he was lying sideways and I am quite tall. As long as lo is moving about I am sure everything is fine.
    Kerry xx
  • I too wouldn't worry too much with my first lo i was measuring small as well and they sent me for growth scan and fetal movement checks. I ended going to see a consultant who was not worried at all just said baby was growing fine and kept an eye on me, although lo was small 5lb 11oz when born he was also two weeks early but completely healthy, i am not a big person though so lo probably had no more room to grow!

    Try not to worry good luck for scan tomorrow although i am sure you won't need it!

    Marie x
  • I haven't ever been measured by MW yet (24+1 now) but also I don't really have a bump like a lot of other people due in September but think this is just cos i'm tall and was overweight beforehand so trying not to worry and would say same to you. Plus you have growth scan tomorrow to put your mind at rest.
  • I also have never been measured this time - think my mw is experienced and knows the size we should roughly be at each stage.

    With my last lo (my 3rd) I was told by a mw that I was small so went for a growth scan where they said he was perfectly normal size.

    The next time I went for a mw appointment she told me (it was a different mw) that I was carrying a really big baby! Can't win methinks!!!

    For info, my ds was born 6lbs 13oz at 38 weeks, so perfectly average really!

    Try not to worry hon, I'm sure your lo is just fine!

    7 days to go
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