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Where are u getting most of your baby clothes from? I love mamas and papas but they r so expensive just feel its a waste when a newborn wont be in them for long.
I'm after baby boy clothes



  • Next do gorgeous little outfits and baby gros and not that expensive either x

    Leanne 32+3
  • tesco, asda, matalan, next, boots, sainsburies, tk maxx, bootfairs, ebay.. xx
  • Asda do gorgeous little baby stuff and ive gotten loads of things for cheap to, like 6 vests for ??4 and a baby grow for ??2! It's worth having a look around hun, oh and sometimes Tescos do good deal in their sales ive picked up a newborn t-shirt for 15p!!!

    I really dont see the point in going and spending more on a baby grow than u would for a t-shirt for urself! lol.
    Just have a look around hun xx

    Oh and home and bargain to image x
  • I got alot from a friend but the other bits I got from cheaper shops such as asda/tesco/H&M etc. I don't think they need expensive outfits at newborn age as they dont stay in them long enough!

  • ooh yeh, i love h&m newborn wrap vests xx
  • the majority of our things are from asda and matalan with a few special outfits and babygrows from next. TKMAXX also have lovely thinks in too
  • i haven't actually got much yet but have been looking a lot! i have no intention of paying mothercare/ m&p prices for baby stuff and so far supermarkets seem to be best value and there are also some nice things in primark, tk maxx and h&m
  • I agree not worth spending the money. Ive had lots from a niece all in ones and short sleeved all in ones. Just after jackets and hats and a leaving hospital outfit. xx
  • There's lots on ebay - I guess as people get so many gifts etc that remain unworn they sell them off. have had some great bargains from GAP, M&P, Mothercare etc all at 99pence!
  • If you want 'nice' or more special things, Next are good, probably the best for boys in my opinion. For every day stuff though I agree you can't go far wrong with supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys) - they do some really nice things and they're good value, it really isn't worth spending a lot on clothes they'll grow out of really quickly - I'm not a fan of Sainsburys sleepsuits and vests though, but their clothes are fab.
  • Hiya
    I agree with the other ladies, Next are good and I love Tesco. Also Asda and Matalan.
    just wanted to say that I got an email from Mamas and Papas today, their Summer sale starts tomorrow and its 30% off kids clothes, just in case anyone had seen something nice in there but thought maybe too expensive, as babies grow so fast! I know thats how I feel anyway, but thinking I will get a wee outfit for coming home in the sale. x
  • I like newborns and babies up to about three months in babygros so I have bought a few multi packs from M&S for day to day and then some nicer babygros, cardigans and hats from Mamas & Papas, JoJo Maman Bebe, Petit Bateau, Mini Boden and Babygap. I have bought all vests from tesco and socks from babgap as they are the only ones that stay on tiny feet!

    I really like pastel or very pale colours of teeny weenies and have found those quite hard to find in boys clothes as there are more dark green and navy blue - there seems to be so much more choice for girls clothes which is a bit disappointing.

  • Asda, boots in the sale, sainsburys, adams sales (well before they closed down!), matalan generally - no point spending a fortune in the early days when they grow out of them so quickly, and now no point with my son when he wears out the knees of everything and gets grubby all the time at nursery. Lo probably has mostly asda stuff and its decent quality, although I do like boots stuff i'm not paying ??8 or ??9 per tshirt..way too much for a 2 year old - I got my sons summer tshirts for ??2 each in boots sale last autumn and if this baby is a girl then I'll be going mad in the boots sale lol. There is so much more choice for girls!!
  • tesco, asda, matalan. i like mothercare but tend to only go in when there is a sale on. primark is fab
  • I've bought loads oof stuff in Oxfam and lots of it still had the tags on. I guess because people get so much bought for them that the baby doesn't get wearing it all. I got loads of designer stuff from there for 20p and 30p. I just put it all on a good hot wash and its perfect. I know some people would never buy from a charity shop but the way I see it is that its recycling which is good for the environment, its saving me money and the money I spend it going to a good cause - a win all round!
  • I've brought loads from car boots which are of great quality, I had quite a few John Roscha grows for 20p each image I actually have quite a lot now and have only brought 1 pack of 3 vests brand new (from Asda) the rest have been from bootys. I don't really like newborns in outfits so have brought grows which are for night time and some that are better for day time use :\)


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  • I am preferring going to the malls and shops
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