breastfeeding new did it affect first children?

hi i am plannin gto breastfeed new baby, and have a girl who is 3 who i only bottle fed..i am concerned about how this will affect her, and will it make her feel left out? does anyone have any experiences of this and any sugestions how she can be involved, or not feel she is left out at feeding times?


  • I'm sure she won't feel too left out, after all you can still do things with her while bf! Just try and explain to her what you are doing to keep her involved, I'm sure she'll think it's fascinating just like little ones ask all sorts of weird questions about pregnancy lol. You could give the baby an expressed bottle too every now and then xxx
  • I'm in same position, only managed to BF for fortnight with my son but am keen to try again with number 2. Joe will be nearly 3 when she arrives so similar age to your little girl. A friend suggested having special 'feeding time toys' for him that only come out when baby is being fed. Just easy things like books and simple puzzles that they can do themselves while you feed baby. Said it worked wonders for her.
  • hi my son is due in 15 days and i alreddy have a 4 year old daughter. i too am a little worryed but talking to my mum she told me that when she was feeding me my older sister would get a doll and pretend to bf the doll or read storys to my sister. my mum used to tell my sister that it was there spachal quite time together.
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