spooked, and probably paranoid too!

Its a fornight till our 20 week scan, and were hoping to find out the sex then as well.
Everything is going smoothly so far (apart from complete exhaustion), all tests keep coming back normal, and MW isnt worried about anything. Neither is hubby or myself most of the time.

But I cant get it out of my head that there are twins on both sides of the family, and both seem to coincide with us having the next set. We've had the 12 week scan, and they could only see one baby, and they found one heartbeat when i saw the MW the other week (it took them ages to find it and it was like they were chasing it around the womb, and eventually pinned it down, but heard it in lots of different places)
But the MW said I was measuring 4 weeks bigger than my dates put me at, and I cant seem to get the thought of twins out of my mind. I also feel the baby kicking randomly, in two different places at the same time - but its apparantly not big enough to stretch from one side to the other of my womb yet......

You hear stories of people who didnt find out they were having twins until half way through ish, as one was hiding behind the other etc.....

And the other thing I remembered yesterday, which has really spooked me, was when I had the pub I held a fortune night (with a highly recommended teller) and just as a laugh I asked him to tell my fortune. ( at this point I was still of the info that I couldn't have children which was what my doc told me years before)
He told me I'd have 3 kids...... image

But Ive got an agreed section, and sterilisation when this one is born.....
So now I think I'm paranoid about this being twins....... image :roll:

Surely if I was having twins they'd/I'd know by now? image

Gah! Brain working overtime. :lol:



  • iam having non identical twins and i found out at 7 weeks,you could see them as plane as day,so unless there identical twins and there were behinde each other who knows but normaly they find out at 12 weeks,good luck



  • Not secretly hoping! :lol: That would be a nightmare - we live in a 2 bed house, and have room for 2 kids, not three. :\( Plus we can just afford the second but never would be able to afford a third.....

    They said they could only see one at the 12 week scan...

    I'm pretty sure they said all the twins in the family are identical....... image (sods law) And there are people round here who havent found out till this late on...... (think maybe our scanning peple are a bit useless... :\? )
    But I cant get that mans words out of my head!!!!! Dang blasted man! (it's always a man isn't it :lol: ) Other things he said have happened, and I never realised until i remembered about him the other day....
    And also I think the MW was a bit worried bout me being so much bigger..... (although I wouldnt put it past the baby just being a monster - s/he is coming from a family where some were born over a stone at birth! image )

    I'm really looking forward to the scan, just so i can find out theres def only one there!!!!! :lol:

  • Hey hun i wouldn't worry too muc especially if its identical twins that run in the family. I have identical twin uncles (my mums brothers) and one of them has identical twin boys (my cousins). Apparently it has to be on your mums side that the twin thing is on and it can run in families but only when its non identical twins. This is because when it happens non identical are two eggs that get fertilised (this is why it has to come from your mums side), some people have similar periods etc to their mums and some inherit two eggs getting released in one cycle!!!! Thats why its not identical as thats one egg that splits that could happen to anyone!!

    I was worried too when i thought about the sets of twins on my mums side as don't think i could handle twins!!!!! But was very relieved when i found out its non identical!!!!!!!

    Hope that helps

    Suzi 24wks (with only one baby in there!!!!) xxxx :lol:
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