Anyone used Two Left Feet?

I am looking to order our travel system and Two Left Feet have the best price but the reviews are terrible... has anyone used them and had a good service?



  • hi there , its funny u mention this i have never heard of them until today and a friend of mine said she bought her buggy board from a grat company called two left feet and there prices are i have no personal experience but she sounded positive x
  • Sorry ladies this comes up every couple of months... we should put a big warning on here!!!

    The are terrible, lots of problems. I dont know how you search on here but if you can you'll see old threads. maybe someone else can tell you how to find the old threads??
  • If you put a post on the baby forum someone will have had experience (probably bad) of them. I remember quite a few warning posts on here in the past about the company xx
  • I googled it to see if i could find a thread for you and i found this one from BE....

    Em x
  • Sorry to say we had a terrible time with them. My mum ordered my pram on new years eve 06 and was advised of a delivery time of a few days. 3 Weeks before reece was due at the beginning of Feb 07 it still wasnt here and they were really reluctant to refund. It took my mum days of emailing the md direct to get a refund. She then ordered a pram from kiddicraft and they were great.
  • Hi I have used them. I did get my pram for a good price but they were awful to deal with. I would advise that you dont use them if you can help it. Since I had problems with them I have noticed them come up time and time again. It took 3 months for me to get my pram and their customer service is terrible. There is nothing wrong with the pram itself though.

    Here is my topic on it
  • I am looking to order our travel system and Two Left Feet have the best price but the reviews are terrible... has anyone used them and had a good service?

    xxWe ordered goods from Two Left feet before Christmas and they never arrived despite constant reassurances from Two Left Feet. More than four months later we have still received nothing and we cannot get a refund out of them. Dont be taken in by the low prices- avoid them at all cost!
  • Please please don't use this company!!

    They were on watch dog a couple of weeks many couples didn't get there orders delivered and had no money returned.

    They might be sorting themselves out but I wouldn't go near a company like that.

    Gemma 11+3
  • i wouldnt go with two left feet they was recently on watch dog for not sending ut the item but taking ur cash,i would go with a place where u can go in store look at the buggy see wat its like if its what u need Ie big basket and go home n no u have got it
  • Go Kiddicare they are great,
    I had problems with TWO LEFT FEET took months to get my money back. BBC Watchdog has had so many dealings with them.
  • Again, I have never heard anything good about them. just a long list of nightmare stories. Sorry,
  • Don't use them! As others have said they were on Watchdog the other week and sound terrible. My sis looked around their show room just so she could try out the buggies and compare them against each other as they had lots there but then they actually bought from somewhere else.
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