Anyone have an Angel Sounds?

I've just ordered one and am worried I'm going to make myself panic if I can't find the heartbeat! I'm13+5 so hopefully we will be able to!

Could everyone else find it??


  • We've got one and first found the heartbeat at 13+5 so I am sure you will be ok. It did take a bit of perserverance the first few times so don't worry if you can't find it straight away!

    Bec 29+4 x
  • They are fab hun, you have to remember it can take a little while to find the heart beat and to just keep with it and your find it in the end.

    When I heard mine is was arounf 12 weeks and i have to hold it very very low down and push it in a bit hard to hear it, you can move it around on the stop as well that helped and don't forget to use lots of gel image

    K xx
  • Generally I think the advice is not to try until you are 16 weeks (even qualified MW's struggle before then) as it's not worth the worry if you can't find it!

    But you may as well have a go, as you'll be able to hear the placenta at this stage. Just remember it's really unlikely that you will hear the HB, so don't panic!
  • Hi I first found mine about a week ago , it's not easy and still every time I try I have a job, sometimes I can get it some times I can't. I know that baby Mojo is there and is fine.


  • can be tricky at first but really amazing x
  • thats reassuring girls that you all found it in the end! Hubby is all excited now as we should get it in time for the weekend and he is going to try it! I will be 14+2 on sat so may be able to get it by then
  • I ordered one yesterday- quite late on compared to other people but I'm really excited!

    17+5 x
  • I got mine at 14 weeks and found it almost straight away - now I find it immediately every single time


  • i usually find mine straight away, but i didnt get mine til i was about 17 weeks. i got one as i still couldnt feel him move. it is a lot lower down than i would have thought tho. good luck x
  • hey - still so nice seeing you on this forum image! I didnt get one till 17 weeks as was worried I woudlnt be able to find her heartbeat but I find it within seconds each time. as some of the other girls have said though its much lower down than you think so start down there and good luck!
  • i just cant wait to see him again. 2 weeks n 1 day til 2nd hosp scan x
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