kicked between the legs and pre-eclampsia!

Hi girls

Just wondering if anyone else feels like they have been kicked between the legs!!! I've only got 4 days left before my due date. I feel soooooo sore, bruised almost. It's mostly in the mornings. What do you reckon?? Anyone else feel the same?

Also, was taken in the other day with suspected pre-eclampsia. Blood pressure was up and had protein in wee also kept seeing flashing lights which was a bit odd. They monitored babys heart beat which was fine and also told me I was having mild contractions....I couldn't feel anything tho. Also took loads of blood. They sent me home after a couple of hours. I have to go back tomorrow for more blood pressure checks. Anyone else had this, do you know if they are likely to keep me in if there's no change? Feeling a bit down just waiting for my baby to arrive. My hands and feet look like blloons....attractive eh?!?!

Hope everyone else is ok, anyone due on sunday like me???

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