'Outy' belly buttons

Hi ladies

How is everyone?

I read a post on here a while ago about outy belly buttons and someone said you can buy a patch or something to wear over it if you wear a tight top, do you know where to buy these from?

Mine is a bit of an outy to start with so its getting worse!!!! yuk! haha


  • hehe I have no idea but would love to find out. Mine isnt an outy just yet but it will be and its horrible when they show through tops

    21+4 xxx
  • yeah they are awful - try having one all your life! haha
  • awww girls, i'm upset! Mine has just popped out and i think its lovely! it never came out with the boys so i was quite surprised but it was threatening to for weeks before it finally did lol.
    I didnt know you could get patches to cover it, but would imagine somewhere like boots or mothercare might have them? If not would a big square plaster do the same job? xxx
  • Ohhh, I just saw an advert for something that might help in Prima Baby. They are called 'Popper Stoppers' It says the website is:


    I think they're quite expensive, ??12 for 5 it says in the magazine.Thankfully, I've managed to get to 35 + 3 without getting the dreaded 'outy'

    Claire, xx
  • awwww.... i have a lovley outy! and wd never cover it up!....
  • i have an outy and i really dont mind it, i mean it leaves an inprint in some of my tops but i just laugh at it lol xxx
  • I have an outy too but it doesnt bother me when it sticks through my top. Infact it makes me chuckle.
    I would try searching on the internet Im sure you will be able to get them cheaply from somewhere

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