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Painting in pregnancy- have you/ can you?

So i'm 14 weeks today, feel great- past any sickness and tiredness and this last weekend I just decided there's a million things I want to do with the house before the baby arrives, including a fair amount of painting. I bought new brushes, paints etc all ready to start and then yesterday I was explaining my plans to my friend and she said you shouldn't use paints during pregnancy, especially gloss paint.

Now i'm gutted- i didn't know this was the case. Has anyone else heard this? I know a lot of people would say it's an excuse to get the hubby to do it instead but I'm really motivated to do it, he's less so and also he works such long hours I don't want to be nagging him to do it in the little spare time he has.

Do you think there's any way I can do this, surely people paint nurserys all the time in preganacy? Or do you think I need to get a painter and decorator in to do it? (which I just feel would be a bit of a waste of money)


  • Well I have been painting various rooms in our house during my whole pregnancy (am now 32 weeks), as long as you are sensible and keep the rooms well ventilated I don't think it's a massive problem but didn't really think about it before I started, just cracked on with it! Wouldn't like to advise but have done planty of decorating myself - gloss and emulsion!
  • I did lots of emulsioning in my 2nd trimester but got hubbie to do all the glosswork - just make sure that the rooms are well ventilated and you're not overstretching or bending...also try and use low odour paint and wear a mask if you can.
  • I have done lots of painting and glossing and did with my first baby too.. shes 18 months old and perfect so dont worry just open the windows!! image xx
  • Thanks ladies it's a relief to know others have painted. I'll make sure the area is well ventilated- there's a bookcase I also want to paint so I could do that outside and i'll not do too much at one time
  • I spent most of this weekend painting the babies room and to be honest as long as you keep the window open you barely notice the smell anyway which in turn suggests that the fumes are going out the window.
    Hubby did ask when we were half way though the room if i should be painting and to be honest I hadnt actually thought about it but as the others have said, keep the room ventilated, take breaks, drink plenty and you'll be fine.
    Becka 21+3 x
  • keep the window open (you would anyway i am sure) and try get the smell free stuff, then it doesnt make you gag so much!

  • hi!im 34weeks and iv been doing painting right through my pregnancy, i was finishing off the babys room last week and i felt fine.i even painted the ceiling oops!if you are worried about gloss may i suggest 'b&q satin finish for wood' rather than gloss, i used this last week and found it had far less fumes than the gloss we used in the lounge before i was like you, hubby works long and stressful hours and im far more motivated to do things round the house than him as he likes to relax on his days hes doing the garden up for the summer and i was fed up of nagging him to do jobs for me so found it easier to do them myself.

    hope that helps

  • I think the advice about not painting during pregnancy goes back to the days when there was a high lead content in paint - so you'd breath that in. Its not the case with modern paints so not a problem any more. Thats what I've been told anyway. As the others have said use with caution i.e. open windows and not too much stretching and you'll be fine. Enjoy making your house beautiful for your arrival!! x
  • hello fellow DIO!! I am 14+3 and we spent the weekend painitng our soon to be nursery! as long as it is well ventilated and a domestic paint (most are waterbased) I reckon it is fine. I read in my baby mag that painting should be done 'with caution' it was not one of their no no things like eating for eg pate! i think gloss paints are not advisable but get hubby to do this bit. our room is now a lovely pale beige - i love sitting in it and imagining it as the baby;s room - it lloks all calm and peaceful. x
  • we moved house at 32 weeks and i redecorated the whole house and my LO is fine, i didnt even think it would be a problem?
  • We'll be moving in the next couple weeks and I plan on doing as much painting as I can so we're as sorted as possible before bubs is here. Figure it's better done now than with a baby in the house?
    Obv will be well ventilated, breaks etc but haven't read anything saying do not do
  • I did lots of painting (and flat-pack furniture building, and cleaning the bathroom - if I don't do it, no one else will!) in both my pregnancies and have two healthy little girls. Just keep the window open, and obviously stop if you feel at all lightheaded. Enjoy!
  • I did lots too. Just had windows open and took lots of breaks. I love decorating!

    K 39+3 x
  • i am 30 weeks pregnant and have been told not to do glosspainting but i have just moved house and it desperatly needs doing my hubby works nights so sleeps most days so there is only me to do it i did all my stairs without knowing gloss is dangerous image will it be ok to gloss and use a mask? or will it still harm my baby.. im very scared as my first child xx

  • Use low VOC interior paints in a well ventilated space and it's probably fine. That being said, my husband repainted the interior of our entire house when I was pregnant with our first and he made me stay with my parents for the week. It was awesome. I could have helped but I didn't mind sitting that one out, either! The fumes did smell pretty bad but they are supposedly safe.

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