glycerin suppositries??

has anyone else used these for constipation? i am terrified would like some reassurrance, but i am in agony, thanks in advance x

chloe 13 wks


  • I'm a nurse and probably used hundreds over the years !! They soften the poo making it easier to pass but to be honest I thought he'd have given you something to use from the top end aswell not just the bottom end!! image
    You may find the actual process of inserting the supp gives enough bowel stimulation to make you go straight away- nice eh ?
  • thanks for your advice, i need to know also if it will make it easier to pass as i am in agony with a fissure or bruising as i have had constant pressure in my bum for 3 days now, cant i go to a& e or something !!! lol i have excruitaiting stomach pains too i am in agiony sat here in tears xx
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