midwife appointments wrong

hi im 37/6 and was wondering from what weeks your meant to see your midwife weekly? ive seen mine at 34 and 37 not seeing her again til 3 days before lo is due 39 weeks .sure ive heard it weekly fom 36 weeks am worried x x


  • hi, you've heard correct you should be seen weekly from 36 weeks, even if it's your first or fifth baby! i'd phone your midwife and see what she has to say. xx
  • hi, I'm not very happy as i am meant to see mw at least once every 2wks. as for some reason can not feel lo moving and never have. have been reassured that this can happen in some women. I wish i could get the reassure that lo is well by and kick or something but i dnt MW sent me to hospital bout it and they said that it is normal in some women scared the hell out of me as every1 and books tells you that there is something wrong if u don't feel anything thing so I'm meant to see MW every 2 wks but Ive had to wait 20 days til me next appointment Tori XXxX
  • In my notes it says I will be seen at 28, 32, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42 weeks xxxxx
  • Ive only seen mine once and i am four months tom! x I am worried too! xx
  • hi ladies
    i was seen every 4wks then it drops to every 2wks at 32wks, then from 36wks i will be seen weekly.
    dunno if that is gonna help anyone or not?!
  • i was every 4 weeks from 20 weeks to 28 but now i'm gettin bump measured etc my mw put it down to every other week, dont know if thats normal or just because my bump measurement is about 4 weeks ahead of what it should be!!! hoping he's goign to arrive early!!!! lol especially if he carries on growing like he is at the moment! don't think he could get much more active than he is now either!

  • Hi ladies,
    Im 19wks and have only seen my mw at booking in appt. Iv had 12wk scan and having 20wk scan nxt wk, but have no contact with mw, just sonographer who passes notes on. Wen i went for bloods at 16wks this was taken by a nurse and I was in and out and dint even get to listen to babies heartbeat. Where i live u dnt see ur mw for ante-natal checks til 24wks (think this is because thats wen ur pregnancy is classed as been viable), then its every 4wks til 36wks, then every 2wks til ur 40wks, then weekly til baby is born or induction. Unless there are any problems of course, then u can ring or go to ante-natal at any time. Kerry xxx

  • My midwife appointments are the same as *GeM*'s. But I am also having those anti d injections so will see her 'extra' for them she said.
  • mine were at 8, 16, 24, 28, 31, 34,& 36. have still got 38, 40, 41 & 42(if necessary) at mw clinic at health centre
    am 36+5 with my first - i think its awful that there doesnt seem to be a standard across the board for normal pregnancies. i also had dating scan & growth scan (approx 12 & 20wks) at hosp
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