20 week scan, do i need full bladder?

i have my 20 week scan next week and wondered if i need a full bladder for this one? as i have a bit of a bump now i wondered if id still need one, i hate having to drink so much, i feel i cant enjoy the scan cause im trying not to wet myself!!!x


  • I didn't need a full bladder at 20 weeks. You only need one at 12 weeks cos the baby is so small the uterus hasn't expanded enough for it to be clear, but it is at 20 weeks! Enjoy your pregnancy! My baby kicked at our 20 week scan so it was fab to see it as well as feel it! x
  • You do need a full bladder - but not super-full like you do at the early scans or 12 week scan! Just full enough so you need a wee but aren't in pain trying to hold it in. I had two medium glasses of water about half an hour before and that seemed to work!

  • Hi, I was told I didn't need a full bladder and as you can see from my pic got a really good clear pic!

    Enjoy it, it is fab!

    Liz xx 39+5
  • Yeah.. i was told didnt need a full bladder, only the 12 week one, and I had a clear pic. I did have a glass of juice about half hour before, but not on purpose... and i got a good scan. so dont think you will need a full bladder.. good luck, hope all goes weel
    caz xx 26w
  • i didnt need a full bladder for 20 week scan,but i think you are best ringing and asking your hospital,as all hospitals are diffrent some say do and some say dont,so its best finding out what your hospital like you to do. good luck for your scan next week hun xx


  • even my 12 week on was on empty bladder thought i had cystitis as couldn't hold anything in was constantly runnin to loo lol turns out lil one was sat on bladder and still does quite often!
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