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This is my first posting but because nobody but my husband yet knows I am nearly six weeks pregnant I have no one else to turn to. Morning sickness - or rather all-day sickness - at work is turning into a nightmare. It has ony come on in the past few days and I have been finding it hard to cope with and continue concentrating on work. so far I have managed to conceal my sickness from work colleagues but munching on dry crackers only works periodically then I have to visit the bathroom. Last night I barely made it off the tube before I was retching into a bin in the park (luckily I managed to find a dark secluded corner). I have just been promoted to senior management so I am reluctant to let work know now that I am pregnant. I would appreciate any tips from you lovely ladies about how I am going to cope with this for the next six (hopefully max) weeks?

Thanks for reading.


  • Oh u poor poor thing.
    I have been really lucky i guess, not actually been sick once but felt it on and off for 6weeks.
    The things that helped me were, mints tons of them, the xxx sort they stopped me puking in asda more times than i can count.
    eating crisps (salt and vinegar) and dry biscuits and not going hungry, i ate nearly hourly, what ever i fancied !
    sea sickness bands are a god send and also dont feel guilty about being abit lazy for a while it helps, when tired sit down or sleep, i found this the biggest help of all i really think tiredness and hunger are the two biggest factors on pregnancy sickness.
    Many congratulations to you and your hubby, i know its easier said than done but try to concentrate on yourself during these first few weeks, work will wait, its all about you and your little one doing the best you can.
    good luck
    x x

  • Hi M+K,

    Thank you for replying. I will try mints next - a had a smoothy today as my OH keeps saying I need more vitamin C but that proved to be a big mistake. Grrr, I just need to grin and bear it - it's all worth it although it doesnt feel like that sometimes. I think tiredness is a big factor as I keep waking up at around 5am to go to the loo but then cant go back to sleep because I get sick image

    Thank you for your kind words - glad to know I'm not alone.

  • Hi, my ms started about a week ago and like you I was wondering how on earth I would cope with it at work. I even took Monday off and just sat at home wondering if I'd have to have 3 months off! But, I have learnt to manage it better, and am now just used to having to eat almost constantly and am used to a constant wierd feeling in my tummy. I'm a teacher and my class are quite curious as to why I'm constantly munching, and today I had to run out of a lesson to be sick - but it's far more manageable than a week ago.

    Good luck xx
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