scan tomorrow

Hi i have my first scan tomorrow and was really nervous but getting excited now have butterflys in my tummy.You would think i would be used to this as its my third time round lol
To my dates i will be 16 or 17 weeks as havent had a period since lo was born 20 weeks ago so i hope they can date me right with maybe being so far. If i am so far as i think do you think they could tell what sex it is? and would i still get a 20 week scan?
thanks vikki xx


  • Hiya vikki, Just wanted to wish you luck for tommorow! If you are 16 weeks or more i think they'll be able to tell you the sex as im 13+5 and have a private sexing scan booked for when im 16 weeks. Im not sure weither you will still get 20 week scan as i think its differant in differant areas. Sorry cant be of much help! Let us know how you get on! x
  • Hi Vicki i just want to say good luck for tomorrow if you are 16 weeks plus they may be able to tell the sex but I know some hospitals are not so keen on telling you too early so it will depsnd on your hospital.

    You may still get your 20 week scan as it may also be too early to do the anomaly tests (not sure of spelling) as i know at my hospital they do them tests between 20-23 weeks and not sure if that goes for everywhere but I am pretty sure you should get a 20 week scan but it may be closer to 22 weeks.

    Hope this helps and very very good luck xx
  • Thanks mikayla, with my last 2 pg i got 2 scans but was scanned at bang on 12 weeks with both then 20 weeks so i might. I will let you all know not there til 3.30pm so have a long wait.
    vikki xx
  • About the weight loss, i joined slimming world bit daunting at first but really got into it and have lost nearly 2 stone so far after 2 kiddies i feel great, well most of the time anyway lol. you can pretty much eat as much as you want so long as you eat the right group of foods for the right day, hope this helps xx
  • i got pregnant, married and moved house all within 10 months it is such a stressful time individualy let alone with dieting as well give your self a break, your doing really well to have not gained xx
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