trapped wind (lovely!)

hi there,
ive been up pretty much all night in soooo much pain with what i think is trapped wind.

i tried walking around, which was almost impossible due to the spasms, stretching, massage everything and nothing helped......ive barely slept and as a result havent gone into work today.

my back and stomach are both aching and stomach still gurggling away....what can i do to relieve this pain if it happens again. my DH was so worried bless him as just couldnt do anything to relive it. tried gaviscon but that made me feel sick!!

are hot water bottles ok to use during pregnancy??

theres just so much i dont know!?! dont know how im going to cope when this baby arrives, cant even seem to look after myself!

any advice/tips/suggestions welcome please?! i cant face feeling like this again and im only 16 weeks!


  • really weird suggestion but someone told me about it a few weeks ago - if its trapped wind, try putting bum up in the air by either putting legs up against a wall, or on hands and knees with head on floor and bum in air - all looks very attractive but the air naturally wants to travel up so might help shift it all around. Haven't tried it yet but might be worth a go (if not a giggle!!)
    x Thank for the reply on my thread - hope you have a restful day.
  • Hi Wilko, I would try peppermint tea as I have IBS and find this really good for soothing wind also try doing some squats to force the air out if you can!
  • I got alot of trapped wind when I was about 16 weeks! It ruined nights out and christmas! My oh thought I was always going to be moaning about something but it soon passed and now I dont really have anything. (the heartburn will prob start now!) I laid on my back and raised my legs up occasionally as this seemed to help me.
  • I must say the sticking your bum up in the air and putting head on the floor does actually work.
  • Hi Hun

    I'm another IBS sufferer so am very used to this. If it's really difficult to shift you could try standing up straight and leaning to your left as far as you possibly can for about 30 secs and then standing up straight again. Also fizzy drinks can really help (as long as they make you burp)!!! Good luck, xxx
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