20 week scan - big scare


I only seem to write on here when I have something to get off my chest or need to hear other's experiences but I'm in sheer panic right now.

I had my 20 week scan on Tuesday. The baby was lying awkwardly so I had to go away for a 10 minute walk and then back in. When it was over she told me that there was a shadow over th kidneys - I think they call it DRP. It usually sorts itself out by 32 weeks and they rescan, otherwise, it's a course of antibiotics for the baby to stop UTIs. Ok, I thought, I can cope with that as it happens to 1 in 80 babies.

Then, came the other news. The brain was fine but she could see a small cyst on the head. She was certain that it wasn't on the brain but she'd never seen anything like it before. So, she wants me to see the Doctor sonographer for further advice but she's not in until next Monday.

I am going out of my mind and can't think of anything else. I'm trying to be practical and think of all the potential outcomes and prepare myself. I feel so guilty as I don't even want to talk to anyone about it.

Has anyone else had any scares? How did you cope? What questions should I be asking?

It's going to be a long weekend!


  • Hi hun, i can imagine what you are going through right now and although i've not heard of this either i'm not sure of the advice i can give to you, but i will be here should you need to talk more.

    The good news is that the brain is fine and maybe the cyst is not too bad and can be treated, did they not have more info than that? I can't believe that there isn't someone on between now and next monday that could scan you or at least reassure you.

    I'm just wondering if there's anything on the web about it, i'll take a quick look and see, will get back to you soon.

    I had a bad time last year, i've posted it in ttc under importance of folic acid if you'd like to read it.xx
  • Hi, I cnt imagine wat u must be feeling right now and i haven't had any experience of this so cnt really offer any advise, but i just wanted to wish u look for wen u see the doctor and im sure everything will work itself out. Kerry xxx

  • Hi, me again, i have been on google and found a couple of medical papers that you have to pay to read but from the little i could view the cysts are usually benign and some sort themselves out, hopefully this will be the same for your lo, i hope so. Good luck for mon, let us know how you get on.xx

  • OMG-I cant believe they've just left you hanging like that, they could have at least got someone to talk through what the possible outcomes would be.
    I really hope everythings ok hun, Im sure it will be xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi there,
    I had a scare with my first baby 7 years ago (i've just had my third!). At the 20 week scan, I had a nightmare sonographer who told me that the baby had cysts on its brain, and that she was concerned about one of its kidneys. She made out that it could have a syndrome which means that the baby would not live long after birth, then threw a few photos (free) at us. We were told to come back three days later for another scan with a doctor. I went home and cried like a baby on the floor, writing off the pregnancy. Anyway, we went back to have the next scan, and the lady doctor told us that the baby was perfect as she could see, and that cysts are very common and often disappear before birth. With regards to the kidney, it turned out that the baby just needed a wee, and because of that it was larger than the other one! Seven years on I have a very healthy boy plus another one and a baby girl of 7 months! Don't get too down about it, a lot of times they have to cover themselves! I wish you all the very best when you go back next time!!
    Love Anne-MarieXX
  • Thanks everyone for your kinds words. It really does help to have all your positive thoughts.

    AnnieM2, I just hope I have a similar experience to you on Monday or at least a clear idea of what happens next.

    I will let you know how it goes.

  • Well, we had the second scan today with the consultant radiologist and she's never seen it before either - not in 20 years of practice! So we're no further forward.

    However, she didn't seem to be overly concerned as it's not on the brain or the skull but in between.

    She's referred me to her colleague in the University of Wales hospital as she's interested to see if she's ever seen it before.

    The antenatal clinic were great and the manager called us back in less than an hour with an appointment for tomorrow morning - so it's round 3!

    Great to see the baby so much but can't imagine we're going to find someone who'll be able to say they've seen it before.

    I suppose what will be will be.
  • Wishing you all the best. I really hope it all turns out ok. xxx


  • Good luck for tomorrow hun, hope you get some answers to this one.xxxx


  • Just got back from the University Hospital now...been there since 11.30am. Was scanned again for 40 mins and this time and there was no cyst and only one of the kidneys was dilated and only by 0.2mm over the threshold limit!!! All very odd. The Consultant in Fetal Medicine checked it too and he couldn't see anything either. They both said that they would have sent me home with the all clear if that had been my first scan.

    They then put us in the "bad news" room as husband liked to call it - you know the one on Casualty where they take people! They made us drinks etc. Then the consultant said he thought they'd monitor me from their instead which I'm pleased about as they're all really nice there.

    Next the consultant radiologist looked at the scan and again didn't pick anything up. So now, they've requested the scans from my local hospital and she is going to scan me again on Thursday and then I'll see the consultant again.

    So that's it - next chapter to follow Thursday!!
  • Hi gingalady

    Glad you had good news with the latest scan but how unfortunate that you've had all this worry for nothing! At least you will be monitored closely now and your antenatal team sound good x
  • Lets hope the first woman was wrong then, save you a world of worry x Lets us know what comes on Thursday x
  • Latest update...

    We've had a very tough week and it's a long story which has involved 2 hospitals and 4 scans!! Anyway, everything is ok.

    The 20 week scan showed up dilated kidneys and a cyst in the head. She refered me to the consultant radiologist who said she hadn't seen anything like it in 16 years (how nice of her) So we were cacking it to say the least. She said we could go for a second opinion at the University of Wales which we did.

    But they didn't send over my notes!!! I was seen in fetal medicine and they scanned along with the consultant in fetal medicine but couldn't see the cyst and the kidneys were fine!!

    So we went again for another go yesterday and so the news is good - thank goodness and I think the worry was all for nothing. I was scanned again at the University hospital yesterday and the sonographer and consultant radiologist saw it straight away. My hospital's notes were crap so they'd been looking in the wrong place.

    Anyway, the consultant was like " oh, it's just a central line cyst, they happen quite often but are only picked up when mums feel a small lump on the babies head. The scan doens't usually see them". She told us it doesn't affect the baby at all and is just a red herring that comes up during a scan. It's not on the brain (which was all normal) but just where the body joins together in the middle.

    They will scan me again at 30 weeks just to check if it's still there - they often go on their own anyway. If it is then they may remove it when the baby is born or wait for them to grow out of it.

    So the consultant at my hospital is officially rubbish and made me have the worst week of my life. Such a relief now I can't explain
  • Thank god everythings turned out fine. That must have been such a scare for you and sleepless nights. glad it's all ok now.
    Karys xxx


  • Was looking for your update today. Glad everything is OK and hopefully now you can relax after a stressful week. S x
  • Thank god for that! Couldn't be happier for you.
  • Hi hon, only just seen this post so I'm sorry I haven't replied before.

    Haven't got any personal experience I can draw on for here but just wanted to say that Im so relieved for you - these scans are a blessing on one hand but on the other can cause worry where you wouldn't have known otherwise! Double edged sword I think they call it.

    Anyways.....I'm really chuffed for you and hope you can now relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy until you get to meet your lovely baby.

    12 days to go
  • Hi there,
    Just logged on to see how things have gone...seems you had a similar experience to me, but I only had a few days to wait...how awful to make you wait so long, just glad everything is okay now..good luck for the rest of the pregnancy and take care..luv anne-marie xx
  • So glad everythings ok hun, must be such a relief for you xxxxx


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