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The topic on sterilisers really helped me so I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice on breast pumps. I am planning to breast feed for as long as possible (up to 6 months). It kinda scares me that I will have to do every feed so I was thinking of expressing so that OH can help out. I have bought some breastflow bottles which apparently are good for breast and bottle feeding combination. I was just wondering if anyone else is planning/has done this. Also any suggestions as to the best breast pump. There seems to be manual and electric but not sure Ill need an expensive electric one. Also will I need it straigt away. Im confused!

Ohhhh, all the decisions on the equipment is mind boggling!! I think I ne4ed a lie down!! :\?


  • Hi i'm wanting to do the same as you breast feed but express as well. I've just got a tommie tippee breast pump as it's on sale in boots and it had good reveiws. If i end up using it alot i'll change to an electric one because i've heard there more comfortable to use.
    Sorry i don't have any experience.


  • hay i no what you mean lol ive planned to do this as i didnt wont to feel likei was doing feeds all teh time plus this way oh can bond with baby this way. ive brought the chicco manual breast pump although i havent used it yet it seems simple enough and ive been told that the manual ones are much better than the electrical ones so going to give this a try sorry i cant help any furthur have you post this in breat feeding chat maybe the ladies in there will have more advice for you loren x

  • hi i done this with my first and plan to do it this time around aswell. ive got the electric isis iq breast pump from boots and thought it was fab, but i dont think there much difference between that and the same model manual one xxx
  • Hey ladies,
    I had my baby 8 weeks ago and I have been expressing since she was born. I have the Medela electric pump and it is amazing! (??54 tesco), we also use this make in the hospital (I am a midwife) and I have never known anyone to have an issue with it!
    Good luck ladies, I hope you enjoy bf as much as I do!
  • Hi,
    I had to express alot when my son was first born as he was in the NICU and was tube fed breast milk. At first the hospital loaned me a Medela manual pump but I found this alot of effort, especially at night when I was half asleep! I went and bought a Medela Swing electric pump and it is great! I know its a bit pricey but I found it worth every penny.
    I think an electric pump is sooo much easier but if your not going to use it very often then maybe the price is a bit much. I would recomend looking on ebay though, as even BNIB ones can be cheaper.
    Naomi xx
  • Thanks for all your replys. I think Im going to splash out and get an electric one. Im going towards the Medela electric pump. Thanks for your help! Emma xx image
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