What Does Everyone Like Best About Christmas

Hi girls, hope all is well....

Im back at work after being off most of last week with a bad cold and am back at work today. Even though i should be working and catching up from last week (and given that we finish work ina few weeks) you would think i would be getting on with things but No. I'm sat here on this website and i was just thinking about Christmas and wondered what everyone likes best about the Festive season... (can you tell i'm bored!!)

For me its the food (and normally the drink). I love my Christmas dinner at my parents which is really yummy and she always makes about 3 puds (to please us all) and last year, i m sure i sampled them all!! This year i will make up for the fact that i cant drink by eating even more (and i already have a big apetite!). Then we go back home with lots of left over turkey and puddings and then eat more in the evening in front of the tv.

So let me konw your replies and keep me from working!!! :lol:


  • Mmm food & drink & spending all day on the sofa in your PJ's watching movies & eating junk & not feeling guilty about it.

    My 2 year old daughters little face when she's sees a present all wrapped up ready to be opened !!
  • This year we're going to be home (South Africa) for Christmas, so I look forward to the sunshine and having a turkey on the weber, whilst swimming in between!
    Alas, no drinking this time though image
  • I like the build up - everyone is in a festive mood and I love that way kids get themselves so excited.

    And then there are the presents!
  • for me i love the build up yes there is more stress in shopping but people actually smile more and are generally more kind about stuff.... i love xmas songs and the pretty lights lol not looking 4ward to xmas day lunch this year as its at the in-laws and they are the family from hell!!!!!!!!! we only agreed to go as oh nan asked us to so she could have the whole family together for xmas (we don't think she's got long she's got too ott on the family thing recently! in fact she even said without thinking i'm just holding out for your baby image ) looking forward to the visiting we do. seeing my nan this weekend and then its the last weekend b4 xmas so seeing my parents to get our gifts exchanged so we have something to open x-mas day. then going to my parents for new years eve (their not big celebraters of new years as am i, but it gives oh the chance to drink as he's my chauffeur lol) we're not big drinkers in my family lol
  • I love Christmas!!! The food, usually the drink, and spending time with my family and friends, presents, decorations, I love it all!
    Unfortunately me and fiance won't be spendin it 2gether this year cos he's got 2 work image but it means i'll have 2 christmases!
    Happy Christmas every1!!
  • I love the run up, once all the decorations are up. I love cosying in front of the fire with nothing but the christmas lights on and feeling all warm and happy! oh and the food....particularly Pate, soft cheeses and wine......not this year though eh!!
    Aw lizzy86 sorry to hear you cant spend it with OH! you will have to over indulge on yummy chocs and pudding to comfort yourself!!

  • Listef, have starting indulging on the chocs already can't help myself!! Am gonna miss the soft cheese and wine as well!!
  • We're going to my parents' after xmas and they have an open fire and we roast chestnuts... dad would still read me "The Night Before Christmas" if he could (I'm 33!)

    Seeing loads of friends, all the family getting on (we can dream!) and the presents (but only once they're all bought).

    I hope I get my sweet tooth back to enjoy a bit of choccy & pudding. Currently can only face low-fat healthy things - feel like I'm stuck in a Gillian McKeith nightmare! image)
  • i'm already missing pate! love it on crackerbread mmmmmmmmmm not really a cheese fan although eat it occassionally. as for wine have had a small glass of mulled wine whilst out xmas shopping. i'm allowing myself wine spritzers on thurs next week at our big xmas do and also a wine spritzer or two on xmas and new years. i don't really drink during year so it shouldn't hurt to have the occassional sip image
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pate!! xxxx
  • I love the presents! The dinner! The music and atmosphere, normally everyone happy, jolly and merry on wine! (Not for me though!)

    Merry Christmas girls and bumps!! xxx
  • Just as I was reading this post there was a knock on the door and it was the local round table with Christmas music blaring and Santa being pulled on a sleigh. The look on the face of my 6 yr old son right now is exactly what Xmas is about! He truly believes in the magic of Santa and that he really does know where he lives x
  • It has to be the food! I'm not much of a big drinker anyway but I will miss my baileys this xmas (especially the mint choc one). But I will miss pate, prawns and the cheeses this year, so will have to make up for it with the yummy xmas pud which me and my nan make yourselves every year.x
  • I dont like pate, prawns or soft cheese! So i havent got it that bad hehe! Feel sorry for you girlies that do though! xx


  • I thought prawns were ok as long as they're cooked properly??
  • I love the food especially mince pies and christmas pud! Yum. oh's nan makes loads of mince pies, they're SO nice!

    I also love all the lights and decorations, but hate the shopping. lol.
  • food food food!! and watching the kids open their pressies. im always the first up on xmas morning and my morning cuppa in the quiet looking at all the wrapped up pressies is the best ever before the noise and giggles. xx
  • i love the running up to xmas, the rushing around after last min presants and food shopping ext,
    then xmas day, i love seeing my daughters face when she sees all her presants to unwrap, the food is grate,and the fact that me my boyfriend and daughter spend the whole day together, xx


  • I love the run up too, baking all the mince pies for family and friends (nobody can make pastry). Wrapping the presents, phoning santa to tell him if the children are being good........or not!!!!
    Spending time with family and friends, we have suprised my mother in law by booking flights for her to come from spain for xmas to spend with us, she was crying when we told her she cant wait to see her grandsons.
  • Spending time with family, overeating and vegging out while watching crabby movies with the fire on and the curtains drawn. Oh and cooking festive stuff!!!

    Oh and getting presents... and having time off work... goodness there are just too many things to love about this festive season!
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