Am just hitting 12 wks and thought I was meant to start blooming!!

Have gone the other way instead. My hair has gone greasy and horrible, my skin has eruped in spots and dry patches. Was never small by any stretch of the imagination but my belly has taken on a life of its own - look bloated from morning til night.

As for tears! I have cried tonight at Alesha's 1st dance on strictly and both times Rhydian sang on X-Factor - god help me when results show comes on (unless same difference go!!!) Michael Buble singing so bound to be more tears! Must be only person in the country not watching the boxing tonight coz would cry every time Ricky Hatton gets hit!

Went to Morrisons this afternoon and ended up in tears - everyone shoving me and my 6 yr old around! Would be suprised if this poor baby hasnt got trolley imprint on its head!

Please please someone tell me this will all vanish and I will "glow" (not shine from grease or tears) at some point in the next 6 months!!!! WARNING - be very careful with answers - could be tears!!!!!!


  • aaw oldermum!

    i was not much different, i was very tempermental and have had to try really hard to 'toughen up' lol.

    cried for hours last night and havent got a clue why, just fed up now though i think.

    as for michael buble he gets me everytime!

    this will vanish eventually.... dunno when though sorry! i think im gonna be like this until he arrives (and he is due today)

    have a good cry,its good for you! tomorrow ullprobably be on top of the world!

    sorry not much help i know but couldnt not reply..hope ur ok,
  • Due today? How you feeling? Little tip - when I had my 1st 14 yrs ago got a major major energy burst the night before - could have won the london marathon! Look out for it!

    Does anyone know if we are allowed facials, massages, etc whilst pregnant? Have got 2 relaxation days to take at local hotel before march (they were a wedding prezzie) and am wondering what services I can and cant use. Might make me feel better! Have got a feeling aromatherapy stuff is dodgy but would appreciate advise on the matter!

    By the way - bloody awful that Nikki has gone and Same Difference are through!!!!
  • Heya oldermum,
    I know where you are coming from with the hormones lol I sat and cried for ages the other night, no idea why though lol As for the pampering too right its allowed, very good for you lol I suggest you call the hotel and ask what they offer, some places have special "pregnancy" packages, as for aromatherapy who ever is going to be doing your massage will be fully trained in essential oils so will know what is safe ect. Some oils are very good for you.
    Hope you enjoy being pampered!
    Amy xxx
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