Bonding with your bump

Hi girls

This is just a question out of curiosity really.......

Have you bonded with your bump?


  • no - it still hasnt sunk in that i'm pregnant! (i'm 36wks +2!)
  • I feel a bond when he is kicking but other than that I just feel like am growing fat.

    It still hasn't sunk in that I will have my son in my arms at the end of this (I'm 25+1) it feels completely unreal. I'm sure it will hit home when I go into labour.

  • hey i feel i have by talking to it all the time and since 20 weeks finding out sex deff helped to. we refere to it all the time as josh and whenhe kicks we talk to him using his name!!! i think i do it more when no one can hear me though !!
    its funny i think that its only really since prob 28 weeks that i have felt more attached to him i didnt ever grasp there was aything there till i really felt him moving!! unlike now doesnt stop moving all day !!

  • I definitely haven't bonded with my bump - I don't really like it to be honest! I realise it is an essential part of the journey and am looking forward to being a mum but am really not liking being pregnant. The sooner the bump goes and its a real live baby, the better! xx
  • Ah nice to hear other peoples feelings. I think because i havent felt mine kick yet ( unless im being really stupid and cant tell ) that i haven't really bonded with him ( i know its a boy ) ! I havent got a name either for him so i suppose that doesnt really help !
  • Yeah I've bonded big time with mine - to the point where I think I'm going to really miss having my bump when it's born - to me it's almost like two different things! Odd I guess and I know the bump is the baby, but once it comes out I will never have another bump again - sob....
  • Yep, definately - i absolutely love mine. Cant stop stroking and touching it! I am really looking forward to meeting my baby (im 36 weeks tomorrow) but I also have mixed feelings as i know i will feel sad once i dont have my baby bump anymore and miss having her wriggling and kicking around in me.


  • I love my bump and love to watch him wriggle about and my stomach jump about - I have loads of time to do this as I'm pretty much laid up all the time with SPD. Don't talk much to him, just a bit.
    Have to say that it really helped having 4d scan and knowing he is a boy - makes it feel more real saying 'he' rather than 'it'.
    I am just looking forward to having him in my arms - sometimes hard to imagine tho and that can worry me too - think it will be better when I put all the baby stuff out and when nursery is finally ready!!
  • Yeah, must be easier to bond I s'pose when you know the sex - we didn't want to find out, but I think that is probably one of the advantages of knowing. It's funny to try not to imagine lo being one sex or the other!
  • we didn't want to find out either but when we looked at the dvd - he strectched his legs right up and oops - he is definately a boy!! Love knowing now though, its funny didn't think I would.
    I would have been delighted with either anyway - baby is very special after having 2 mmc last year. I can't wait now - will be worth all the pain and suffering I'm going thru just now (SPD!!)
  • Haha - my dh is convinced he saw lo's 'gonads'!! I did see two white circles, but nothing else and as far as I'm concerned it could have been his kneecaps! It will def be worth it - not long to go for you now!x
  • ilove my bump soooo much, this is my second pregnancy the first being when i was twenty and i hated every min of being pregnant. i was so sick and swolllen and ill alll the way through. im blooming with this one (noticably) no sickness i had to keep reminding myself it was in there now i can feelmovement its bliss.
  • im 23 weeks 2moro and ive noticed i talk to my bump and rub him asking if he's at home on my own must days but the OH walked in and i was sitig there and watching baby & pregnancy channel asking baby to please dont be like that baby, cause mumy doesnt wanna go through that could you please just slide out exactly at the right time, and completely pain free.

    im really terrible when he kicks i start giggling like a school girl talking away for hours. i even read my books out loud, although now i think about it, i think i might cut out that one. bit adult for his ears.sarah xxx
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