just a grumpy moan...

hi ladies...

sorry just having a rant i am 8 weeks but feel so huge already - i am normally a size 10/12 - but cant fit into size 14 now because bump is big!

I have told one colleague at work because she guessed but I dont want to tell anyone else until after my scan - but she said i am not going to get away with it for much longer because nothing fits!!!

Plus you know what Jan is like no one has any money and have to go and buy a million new clothes....

just feel a bit frumpy and down sorry i know people have more important things to be down about



  • I didn't start to show until later on but I can remember trying to get in my jeans for a night out and they wouldn't do up - I was mortified, in floods of tears because I felt so fat and frumpy - Its amazing how quickly your body changes. I went round to my mums in floods of tears as I felt so stressed - My mum found it hilarious, especially when I started moaing about unattractive maternity underwear as well!!!
    Once you've told people, you'll feel a lot better as you won't be having to hide your changing body
  • awww bless ya i showed early aswell just w8 till ur 18 weeks u will b huge by the sound of it lol gud luck xx
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