Weight loss?

I know it's normal to lose a bit of weight in the 1st trimester but I have lost 9 pounds :\? Did anyone else lose a lot of weight?

The thing is, I started eating properly (probably too much!) again at week 10 and haven't been sick since 12 weeks and even that was a one off cos I ate something that doesn't seem to agree with the baby (weetabix - don't ask! Sick everytime I eat it.) But I am still losing weight.

My partner thinks my belly might look a tiny bit bigger and I agree. Does being slightly overweight determine how much weight you gain/lose? Cos I'm slightly over my BMI, and a size 14/16 (although I could prob get in a 12 now!)


  • By the way I'm 13+2.
  • A lot of people do lose weight in the 1st tri due to loss of appetite and sickness. If you are eating less being sick then baby will be using up what you take in.

    I read on website that if you are within BMI you should put on about 1.5 - 2.5 stone over 9 months, underweight you should put on more and over weight you should put on less. These only guidelines though as I put on 3 stone with no1 and was at lowest point on normal BMI, with no 2 I put on 4.5 Stone and was just over BMI 25. This time round I started at BMI 23 which is within acceptable range and have put on 3 stone.

    Think everyone is different tho and every pregnancy different.

    If you have any concerns about lo speak to your mw and I'm sure they'll reassure you.

  • Try not to worry to much, i lost nearly 3 stone by week 10. I was a very healthy 18-20 before pregnancy!! i was concerned as i thought baby wouldnt be geting all it needed but they do. I didnt put on any weight until i was about 30 weeks, im now 38+6 and still have only put weight on my bump nowhere else. try not to worry i know thats easier said than done but u will be fine.
  • hi i lost 2 stone by week 22 & didn't put any of it back on & by some minor miricle have managed to keep it off,lo is now 6 months,i couldn't keep anything down even water some days got my appetite back at about 30 weeks,i did need to lose weight but think it was abit os a excessive way todo it!
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