engaged head???

hey girls, i dont know if my babys head is engaged yet as my midwife was a bit brief at my last appt. she kinda just wanted to shoo me out asap! she didnt even measure me!! she never has! but im thinking that it might have done because everytime i stand up, i can feel a lot of pressure bearing down and i get shooting pains and weird feelings in my cervix. well, at least i assume its my cervix! and my bump seems to have dropped. last nite, i felt like i needed to go to the toilet (sorry tmi!) but i had already been earlier and there was nothing to 'go with'! im not constipatd or anything, it was just the pressure and the feeling that something was trying to push down. the bottom of my pelvis has also been very sensitive. just wondering if any1 else has had any of these things or if anyone who has had a baby already recognises them.

thanks v.muchly!!

love gracie and bump 35 + 4 xxx


  • i have had all these feelings but im only 30 weeks so im hoping she not on her way quite yet lol!!
  • Gracie

    It is about the right time for your baby to engage. Nothing to worry about. You just need to take it really slow!!!

    I had antenatal the other day and she said one of the symptoms are also weeing a hell of a lot more.

    There was also a lady at 30 weeks there asking if she might have engaged. As her bump started shrinking and the lady said you would know when your engaging cause it would be really hard to walk as well. I think victoriarogers7, according to my understanding. Your aby is just getting heavier and of course putting on the preasure downstairs and also weeing alot. I'm 29 weeks tomorrow. And already I feel like I really ned to wee. But nothing happens. So it's possible thatbump is just getting heavier. Being the stage you and I are at. But it's normal for baby to engage at 36 weeks. As far I as understood it.

    Hope that helps
  • Hi hun - have a read of your notes coz it probably says in there even if she hasn't told you!!!! I was told the baby's head had engaged at my appointment yesterday - the difference I feel is that I'm a bit tender at the front on my tummy (under my bump) and I find it harder to walk normally (i.e. the pregnancy waddle has realloy set in i'm swaying from side to side as I walk). I haven't felt any extra downward pressure tho - that started at about 30 weeks when my bump got alot bigger - I just feel very full below my bump!

    Hope that helps, Laura (36+1) xxx
  • Hi,
    I'm 36+4 & think that the baby's head engaged the other night- I had been sitting at the computer for a few hours & when I stood up I felt a lot of pressure & a bit of mild shooting pain but from then on i've been running to the loo a lot & it feels as though i'm going to burst but there's maybe about 2 dribbles when i go lol!
    Head probably has engaged but my MW warned my head can engage & disengage a few times & only properly engage when your in labour because I keep expecting a show & nothing has appeared!!

    Good luck,
    Lauren xox
  • my babys head started to engage at 30weeks and this is baby no 2 lol.
    im 35 weeks now and babys head hasnt completley engaged yet but you can deffo feel pressure down there, i go to the toilet and nothing happens lol


  • thamks girls. had a very wierd pain last nite! like a really bad shooting pain, it felt like what i imagine a dilating cervix would feel like. not worried tho, as i have had no other early labour signs. maybe its just babys way of saying shes on her way!! lol!! i have an appt with the consulatant next week so i will find out whats goin on then.

    love gracie and bump 35 +5 xx

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