estimation of your babies weight?

hi in some other threads i have noticed that some of you hgave been given an estimation of your baby's size.. is this done thru the scan or thru them feeling your stomach. i have never been givent his before but would liove to know, even if they could say if it was much bigger than last time, think i will ask at appt on monday, maybe its too early to tell tho.

have your estimations been accurate?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • i have had weight done by both scan and fundus height. up until about 32 weeks my fundus height was pretty much accurate but i now have excess fluid so my fundus height is a bit out. your mw should start measuring you between now and 28 weeks. your fundus height is from the top of your womb just under the breastbone to the bottom directly under your belly button where your belly meets your pelvis. hope this helps
  • hi hun, i had to ask the mw if she could guess. she did it by feeling the bump, roughly i might add lol. looking like a 8lb er! x
  • lucky you, i'm 31 weeks with my first n on my measurements so far if my lo decides to stay put full term he could be upto 11 n a half lb!!! just hoping he takes after me n wants to see the easter bunny!!! would make him about 3 weeks early but don't think his weight will be a problem!!;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • Hiya, my midwife did this by measuring my fundus height and putting it on a chart. The chart says that if he grows at the same rate he will be 8lb 8oz at 40 weeks. Of course tho his growth could speed up or slow down so it is never a good estimate. I'd guess it's about right though, I was 8lb 5oz so I'd expect lo to be similar. xxx
  • i had same m/w with both my kids,she told me first would likely be an 8&half pound boy - it was a 6.14 girl haha!!better with second,estimated a 8.12 boy and he was 8.10.this was just done by feeling / measuring mind you.xx
  • hi i have to have a growth scan at 34 weeks as i am quite small and slim so i'm guessing then they will be able to give me an estimate? x
  • ohhhh god hun dont look at the chart... the chart says mine is going to be 10lb plus... she is apparantly massive in light of the chart. but the mw felt her and said 8lbs. fingers crossed x
  • Hi ive just had a growth scan at 28 weeks as my daughter was only small at 5lb14 2 weeks late they have given me an estimated weight that my new little girl is only just over 11/2lb now so im looking at having a small one again. I will point out though that when i had these growth scans last time the estimated weight at my 37week scan was 6lb4oz i then went another 5 weeks an she was smaller so i wouldnt take them as gospel hope that helps x
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