Is this normal?

Good evening everyone. I'm a newbie on here as we only found out I was pregnant wth our first baby on Tuesday and I'm about 4 weeks gone.

I've been getting almost PMT like cramps all week and was wondering if this is normal at this early stage or if it was something I should get checked out?


Ozzy ;o)


  • Hi hun, welcome to BE and congrats! It's completely normal to get period-type cramps at the start, it's just baby getting comfy and everything getting ready to grow. If they become really severe though give the doctor a ring or head to a&e to get checked over

    Jo xx
  • perfectly normal dear, as huni says, its just everything stretching and making room for ur growing bean. if ur concerned then u can always contact ur gp or epu for reassurance, if the pains are severe and/or accompanied by bleeding then it might be worth while getting checked over at a&e or ur epu xx 25+1
  • Thanks ladies. I have had some bleeding since last night as well. I called my doctor this morning and she has said that as I'm still in the very early stages my body probably still thinks it should have a period hence the light bleeding. Hopefully this wont last long as it scared the life out of me and I'm still feeling very apprehensive and we go on holiday on Monday for a week.

    She also said that I would need to be at least 6 weeks before she could send me to the EPU for a check.

    Has anyone else had this?
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