Anyone watching "Dawn Gets A Baby" on BBC Three

OMG!!! Not sure if i should of started watching this! Journalist Dawn is looking into giving birth, following a lady who's due v soon....but is quite shocking, so be warned before channel flicking!!!!
Sarah xx


  • I am, and I can't turn away but I really really want to! Think this is gonna stay with me for the next 8 months...
  • Phew, its over! But I am glad i watched it now - the pain all seemed to disappear as soon as little one's popped out!
    Mind you, I hope my DH isn't as quiet (would it be rude to say a bit useless) than those 2 blokes!! LOL
  • I wish I hadn't seen this message 20 mins ago now...just put it on in time to see the two ladies give birth. I am due in less than 2 weeks and now I'm really scared because I know what's ahead of me...

    Was it just me or did anyone else bawl their eyes out...first for the first lady then again for the second!!! I can't take it anymore!!! Labour is going to really hurt isn't it? image
  • I didn't watch it but I did used to watch the 'Special Delivery' programme, on one of the sky channels, and watch women giving birth. I found it so fascinating, even the gross bits - am I weird??? xxx
  • i just watched it and OMG there is so much stuff I didnt know about!!! call me stupid if you like but I thought your vagina just went stright back to normal and some of those women didnt have sex for months. Then there is the sissors it made me feel sick and I'm not that squimish. I hadnt really thought labour would be THAT bad. It looks so painful am actual quite worried!! oh well as I said to a very worried and pale looking not a lot we can do about it now!!! xxx
  • I'm consoling myself by thinking how overwhelmed & happy the ladies were once baby was in their arms.
    It made me cry too, but coz it was sooo amazing & emotional.
    I've been speaking to friends of mine, who have been brutally honest about the actual birth and they've all said that you don't really remember whats just happened! I hope their right - think i'm gonna re-think the use of drugs tho just in case!
  • I was totally freaked out by the pain they looked in. I did feel sorry for the first dad coz I think if I was watching someone I loved in that much pain I wouldnt be able to do anything. I had it in my head that it cant be that bad coz people do it over and over again but now I'm starting to worry, perhaps I need to though to prepare myself haha!!!

    Laura 19+2 xx
  • I watched it and I must admit, although I have been through it all before, it scared me and reminded me of what I have to come!!! But it is definately true that once you have your baby in your arms you are sooooo happy that the pain goes and it's well worth it!
    I also found that once the pushing stage started I felt no pain, it was like having a big poo lol.
  • hi i watched this and probably shoulnt of im 40+6 and that scared the life out of me. i have a 12 yr old so done it before but as you can imagine i never saw what actually happened down there and it was 12 yrs ago so forgotten what was to come . i am petrified x x x
  • I watched this and found it fascinating! I would like a water birth and so to watch one was fab! We all know it's going to be painful (it's hard to watch someone go through that though - I feel sorry for the men!!) but it was good to watch. Everyone says the pain is (almost) forgotten when you have your baby in your arms, so that's what I'm focussing on!! Don't like the idea of pooing while you're pushing though!! That scoop thing they use to 'discretely' remove the poo from the water wasn't very nice! Hopefully at the time I won't be worried, or even notice!! xxxx
  • Yeah same here, I would love a water birth this time, it looked great!
    Haha, it is really common to poo when pushing as you have to push as if you are having a poo lol. I did first time round and couldn't have cared less at the time
  • The thought of pooing while giving birth terrifies me more than the labour itself! Ha ha! I'm sure, like you say though Faith, it's common and I won't care at the time!!

    Our local hospital has a birthing pool room and the ceiling is scattered with lots of tiny star-like lights which they have dimmed to aid relaxation. It sounds like such a lovely environment to be in to give birth. I so hope I have a 'normal' pregnancy and I can go ahead and have a water birth. Apparently everything has to be text book for them to allow it!

    Serena xxxx

  • This programme put the absolute worst fear in me, and i wasn't too worried before, even though nothing was a particular suprise to me in the programme. My hubby also went completely white and extremely quiet - i seriously wish i hadn't watched it x
  • I watched the second half with hubby last night...

    I thought it was great and really emotional, I laughed and cried through it all...

    My labour and birth with our daughter came flooding back (not such a good thing) and I blubbed for the water birth, I turned to hubby who had tears in his eyes!!!!!!

    I said to him, 'babe your getting all emotional',

    he said, 'Of course I am, it's an emotional experience and that will be us in 10 weeks"..... cute, made me blub even more...I love my hubby...

    he did make a good point, he said that of course it's really hard being in labour and giving birth but watching the person you love in pain and not being able to do anything was really hard as well, especially when the midwifes keep moving you out the way and make you feel your in the way...he found that really tough at the birth of our daughter, feeling so helpless...

    gotta love 'em

  • You will all be fine!! lol!

    Ive done it 3 times, and I found the worst bit was the contractions just b4 the actual birth bit, but mine seem to go from 0 - AAAARRRRRGGGGH!!! in the blink of an eye.

    And believe me, as soon as your gorgeous little bundle is placed in your arms, you do instantly forget whats just happened. Its a cliche but its true!!

    I should stay away from this forum, Im unbearably broody for number 4 b4 its too late (im 39), but oh is saying 'no more, cant watch that again' (close your eyes then lol!!)

    Good luck to you all xx
  • hi i watched it too, and even tho ive done it all before it freaked me out! i never had forceps or suction or episiotomy first time and seeing all that really scared me thinking that i could need those this time. it is very true that you forget the pain as soon as you have the baby.
    and like someone else said i didnt find the pushing part bad as i knew it was nearly over then. i was only scared during hours of contractions where i wasnt fully dilated yet...but after watching that last night i am more scared of the pushing part!!

    also i had sex 2 weeks after giving birth last (altho i hadnt had any stitches or tears) and i wasalso told it went tighter after the baby.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • You'll all be fine! It sounds daft but I think it actually looks worse watching some one else go through it than it is doing it your self. I had to have a episotomy, two ventouse attempts and a forceps delivery when I had Millie, all on gas and air and a bit of local anesthetic, and although at the time it obviously hurt (I would have liked to have punched the doctor!) I couldn't even remember what it felt like the next day!
  • I watched it and thought it was a really good programme. Freaked me out a little bit especially the bit bout the scissors that made me feel quite sick! But feel a bit more prepared, cos tbh b4 i didn't really have much of a clue. Also am lovin the idea of a water birth now!
  • I watched it and thought it was a really good programme. Freaked me out a little bit especially the bit bout the scissors that made me feel quite sick! But feel a bit more prepared, cos tbh b4 i didn't really have much of a clue. Also am lovin the idea of a water birth now!
  • I watched this and it did freak me out a bit especially the scissors. Also the placenta made me feel sick!! I definately dont want a water birth now, it did not look as serene and relaxing as people make out.
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