Advice on my NT scan please!

Phew I am glad most people have had thier 12 week scan as someone might be able to help me answer my question.

My scan is booked for Monday - I realllllllly cant get the time off work. I also couldnt get it changed at hospital.

So I am now paying for a private NT scan on wed night when I am 12 weeks exactly. However babybond have told me thier woman who takes the bloods is on holiday and that I can take thier 'pack' with me to a blood place, get the blood done then send it via special post to thier lab.

few questions

1. Can the bloods be done 3-5 days after scan
2. Will sending it in post make a difference??? surely it gets warm (she said it is ok within 24 hours)
3. For ??160 do you think I can ask for some money off my gender scan seen as I am having to go get blood, go to the post office and then pay to send it?

bit confused and anxious


  • Goodness, I don't know! Surely the hospital could do something about your NHS scan date? What if you are away or something- they can't say that you can't have something you are entitled to!

  • I would try and change date and have the nhs scan, also work have got to give you time off for antenatal appointments it's the law!
  • NHS literally offered me one other time when I couldnt go so going to have to go to babybond. I know they have to give me the time off but their hands are also tied as I am away on a course so cant get back, but cant miss the course............ahhhhhh
  • Oooh thats a bit rubbish of them hon..can't you just have the scan and then have your bloods done on nhs at 16 weeks?
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