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Hi Ladies, I have booked the NCT classes, and have a question. It is ??174, but that includes ??39 membership fee for a year.

What do you get for the membership fee? Is it worth it? Is it cheeky to deduct it(even if it says you can)?

What did you do?




  • We joined as we felt that as a charity, they provide good support for parents etc and was worth supporting. As for what you get, so far I've had a couple of magazines produced by the local group and heve been invited to coffee mornings and a Xmas meal. Haven't been to any of them yet as baby still is tucked up safe and well but think I'll go once it's born!
    It's totally up to you tho whether you join or not. I don't think every couple at my classes joined - and they didn't have to wear "we didn't want to join the NCT" t-shirts or sit in the corner during the sessions!
    It does get a bit pricey after all.
    The classes were really good by the way.
  • Thanks, I think I will just pay it, I have only heard good things about them, so it must be worth it!
  • I wanted to join the NCT but for some reason they have nothing on offer in my area.. I'm not sure whether its worth joining if I have to trek to another borough? Does anyone go in london?
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