Sweep pains...


Ok as you may know i had my sweep yesterday to try get things moving image

But for all of you who have had a sweep, what kinda feelings/pains did you have the day after? I had it at approx 3.30pm yday and all night my bump was hard, im having constant period pain/cramp, achey back and thighs (could be SPD though), and i have like a stitch kinda feeling on my side. Baby is very active and when she moves, i get pains down below more than ever.

Does this sound positve?

Sharon x


  • hmm tbh sharon i dont remember having pains after my sweep with jack ..........i had it at lunch time on the tuesday and then i had a curry and sex that night and a curry the next night and straight after id finished my curry i had period pains and it was the start of labour ......then i had a show ...........i think the curry was coincidence though lol .......oooh i hope she makes an appereance soon this wait must be awful for u xxxxx
  • hope ur little one hurries up, must be to comfortable inside u!

    keep us updated

    13weeks today
  • hey my sweep didnt hurt and caused no pain really, it was the pessary that got me started, sounds like your having branston hicks, ull know when contractions start!
  • good luck, hope things get moving for you soon. xxx
  • Sounds like things may be on there way for you hun, try and keep active to help get the contractions going and fingers crossed you will meet your lo very soon! x
  • Thanks girls

    Sando, its not BH, I have been in early labour since last Tue, im now 2cm dilated, wish they were BH as wouldnt be so bloody painful :lol:

    Im still having the strong period crams and my back is killing me, contractions are every 5mins, i have just called MW as i had another show and it was really GREEN!! I know that isnt normal, so i have to monitor it for the next few hours and call them back.

    Has anyone else had a green show? I thought i had all my show last Sun but that was just clear and there was LOADS!! But today more came and as i say it was green, looked like i had blown my nose :lol:

    Sharon xx
  • gosh sharon i hope things start moving a bit quicker for you. not had a baby yet so cant offer any advice but fingers crossed your little one arrives soon xxx


  • i dnt remember any pains after i had a sweep either i just remember the night i went into labour i just felt soo uncomfortable and couldnt sit up cuz lo's head kept causing shooting pains down there!!went to bed and contractions started a couple of hrs later 4 mins apart.Hope u dnt have to wait too long! xxx
  • Sorry cant give you any advice on a sweep as i never got that far with my ds. But hope it all moves along quickly for you.
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