worried again

i was just worrien again and just want to know if you van miscarry without bleeding after youve seen a hb????


  • hey chick,

    what's set this off? have you had any symptoms? if you're really worried you should speak to m/w or gp.

    I'm coming up to my 13 week scan (but had an early one and saw hb) and am terrified that i've had a m/c. this is because i had 2 m/c earlier this year. I hadn't seen a heartbeat though. i think its really natural to worry about things that could go wrong.

    I know if i rang m/w just now she'd say i've nothing to worry about - no bleeding, no bad pains etc.

    try not to worry too much,

    gr x
  • no i dont have any pains other than the normal ones im just panicin again got midwife app on tuesday i had a mmc in july so just worryin wat too much
  • Hi bec n bump. If you are really concerned book to go and see gp or mw dont sit there worrying about it, I am sure everything is ok but you have all weekend to worry if you dont see someone about it today!
  • i know im not i think its one of those things! i was really worryin yday bcoz i wasnt bein sick and now tday i am! im just bein silly i think
  • Try not to worry. Sickness comes and goes...I think it's very unlikely to miscarry without bleeding after a hb on a scan, but maybe still possible. I'm sure you're fine though - don't worry! x
  • i feel pregnant i just worry over every little pain n twinge
  • Bec, you need to try and relax as the worrying is not good for you or lo.
    I too have had strange pains and bleeding (now 8 weeks) and have seen the hb on a scan that they sent me in for.
    I have no pregnancy symptoms at all and do not feel pregnant. Other than v sore boobs.
    My Mum gave me the best piece of advice that I shall share and it certainly has helped me...
    Your body knows what is happening inside you and is doing everything it can to supprt your baby. Some pains are normal, your body is taking on a major strain and everything is stretching and preparing for the mammouth task ahead. You have never felt anything like this before and so of course it will feel strange (remember the first time you ever had period pains or had sex?!)
    The hospital told me that there is practically nothing I can do to either help or hinder the pregnancy and I just have to carry on as normal.
    What is meant to be will be.
    We are all scared, this is the most incredible thing that a human being can do but stay positive and all our wishes are with you. TRY to relax and tell yourself everything will be OK.
    This is so easy for me to say but i am exactly like you and worry about every little thing. Remember though that stressing increases your heartbeat, your blood pressure etc....
    For the first time in my life i am trying so hard to not worry so that I keep the baby calm too!
    I'm sure everything is fine. Enjoy it and try not to worry!
  • i think ill bring the duvet down and chill on the sofa and wait till OH comes home! ive got my midwife app on tyesday so i think ill tell her my worries then! what does the midwife normally do on your bookin in app???
  • I had mine the other day and she just filled out loads of forms - about your medical history, any previous conditions/operations/genetic illnesses etc... She explained when i would have the dating scans and about any blood tests ie for downs syndrome etc...
    She went through what not to eat etc. etc...
    Yes bec, enjoy the afternoon on the sofa, I have been doing the same (am signed off work due to my complications until week 12). Make the most of the 'me time'.!! x
  • well im signed off until moonday due to sickness and had my personell manager phonin me yesterday about changin my hours and job so hopefully they will be better image and less stressful! im also worried about gettin epilepsy as my mum had this in her pregnancy and this pregnancy seems the same as wen my mum had me its uncanny lol!
  • Hi! I'm 18 weeks today and I worry constantly that everything is ok with lo. I've been very ill and have been off work for weeks with a hospital stay too and I'm still poorly so off to the doctors later. Due to severe endometriosis I never thought that I would get pregnant and now that I am I really, really want everything to be ok. Thanks Bec n Bump and Mrs E for showing me that I'm not the only one worrying. I will try to take your advice and stay calmer - if I can!!!

    Hels xxx
  • its nice to know that there are other people feeling the same! makes you feel a lil bit better!
    congrats on ur preg btw
  • Hi Bec N Bump it's totally natural for you to feel the way you do.

    I bought an Angelsounds doppler today it was ??28 and it means I can listen to my baby's heart beat whenever I want maybe you could invest in one as it may put your mind at ease - i'm a natural worrier so i'm guaranteed to use it all day everyday ha ha!

  • lol ive thought of this but i dont think it would be good id obess with it! but i will prob buy 1 the thought will get the better of me
  • There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with your child. image I will probably take mine into work with me and start sticking it down my trousers to get behind the pelvic bone ha ha I can't wait till it gets here image xx
  • lol! i think im gunna buy 1 it would be great to hear baby heart beat all the time!
  • lol Didn't think you would take much persuading image x
  • i know! but i just wont be able to resist it lol! it would be so amazing image is this your first baby?
  • hey bec - i was reading my pg book this morning and apparantly the risk of mc drops to 3% after you've seen a hb. I've had 2 mc this year and i found that really comforting!

  • I know this sounds daft but does hb stand for Heart Beat? if so i find that really comforting too as i have seen the hb but still worry...so thats a big re-assurance!
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